Studio 6.02 Timetable Now Available

We finally have a timetable in print :). Have a look and see if there is something for you in it.

  Mon Tue Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun

10:30-11:30 weekly
Until 20th December


Body Symphonies
10-11:30 weekly
Mindful, somatic movement, Yoga, Sound

Body Symphonies Mini – Retreat
Movement, Yoga, Breath Awareness
18th Nov. 16th Dec.


30TH December for times


Body Symphonies:
Yoga for the Back
1- 2   4 weeks
15th November- 20th December


Feldenkrais® Workshop:Art of Soaring
25th November


30TH December for times


Coming soon
Zen Yoga
(time to be confirmed)

Yoga For You
6:15-7:15 weekly
All levels Flow

Yin Yoga weekly
7.30 – 8.30

Body Symphonies
In Transit -somatic, embryological, fluid movement
29th November-20th December

Movement Medicine with Bernardeta
9th, 23rd, 30th November and 7th December 21st December

Body Symphonies
Restorative Yoga
17th Nov.,1st Dec,22nd Dec.


workshops: Art of Soaring
24th Nov., 8th Dec, 15th Dec.



Please contact teachers directly 😊, thank you.

Zen Yoga – Lisa Edgar; email :

Yoga For You – Kirsten Waugh; email :

Feldenkrais® – Mindfulness in Movement – Alan Caig Wilson; email:

Annamaria Sacco – Body Symphonies; email:

Movement Medicine with Bernardeta – Bernardeta Zyla; email:

This week Yoga for back care classes start between 1 and 2 pm for example, we have our regular weekly morning and evening classes and at the end of the year, we will do Benefit sessions to donate to Medical Aid for Palestinians (

Here is our timetable. See you soon,

Alan, Annamaria, Bernardeta, Kirsten, Lisa @6.02 



Annamaria @ Studio 6.19 

Would you like to treat yourself or a dear one to a very gentle and deep treatment soon? Special discount to St Margaret’s residents £40 instead of £60 for a craniosacral therapy session.

Let me know if you would like to book.  You can email me on

To read more on craniosacral therapy, please visit:
The Craniosacral Therapy Association – Official Website where you can also watch a video on it. I am a registered craniosacral therapist with the Association.


TV Appearance

Basia from Edinburgh School of Icon Painting appeared in an episode of Sunday Morning Live! You can view the episode here:

With Basia’s feature around the 15 minute mark.

A huge Congratulations from all of us at Edinburgh Palette!


Stained Glass Studio Sale

This is an opportunity for an new or developing glass artist or artists, to take on a complete studio, including studio rental. The sale includes all you need to develop to develop a commercial, craft or artistic practice rapidly, and at a very reduced cost.

The studio is at St. Margaret’s House, 151 London Road, Edinburgh. It has been operating as a successful architectural glass business (as Alan Robinson Glass) for a number of years. The studio is fitted out with customised bench, cupboards, shelving, light box, plan chest, glass store and glass kiln.

There is an extensive range of materials and equipment including, sheet glass, lead cames, solder, fusing glass supplies, slumping moulds, glass painting equipment and supplies, glass casting supplies, glass grinder, soldering irons, hand tools, etc.

My preference is for a person or persons to take on the entire studio contents and if desired, may also take on the rental of the studio as tenants, with Edinburgh Palette. It may be that someone wishes to only acquire parts of the materials and equipment along with the studio rental, and I can discuss proposals for this. The agreement of the studio owners, Edinburgh Palette, will be necessary for any rental arrangement to be granted.

If this approach does not work out, I will then proceed to sell off the contents and furnishings in separate lots and give up the studio.

The studio will be closing at the end of October.

If you are interested in receiving further information about this studio sale, including costs and/or would like to visit the studio, or discuss the sale with me, please get in touch via the contact details below.

Alan Robinson
Studio 6.02B St.Margaret’s House
151 London Road Edinburgh EH7 6AE
07784 188392


The Paper Stage Events

Anuschka Barlas and Alexandra Beteeva, together — The Paper Stage, are putting on an Exhibition “Eye To Paper” at Edinburgh Palette and are running an open call closing on the 15th July. More info @thepaperstage (Instagram), 
Coinciding with the show, they are putting on The Expanded Drawing Week, a week of events at the Edinburgh Palette. For more info, please see:


Friday Evening Yoga and Movement Restorative Class @ Yoga Collective

In this class we get in touch with our fluid body, tissues and get to know ourselves and what moves and how and what doesn’t. Gradually we develop fluidity, lightness, a change in state which supports the shift to strenghtening and lenghtening work for a period, followed by deep rest.

I started practising in 1991, trained in the Iyengar system to senior level over 25 years and trained teachers during pandemic with the Body Symphonies teacher training. My way of teaching now is the result of integration of my experience and work as a previously Iyengar teacher as well as a craniosacral therapist and movement practitioner.

To book:


ART OF SOARING – workshops in The Feldenkrais Method®

ART OF SOARING – workshops in The Feldenkrais Method® to help improve everything that you do with your body. At the Yoga Collective Studios on the 6th floor.

The Feldenkrais Method® is a form of sensory training or even curiosity training, based around movement and using the techniques we all used to learn about the world in those days long gone before we knew what ‘learning’ is. The group sessions gently challenge us to think differently – sequences of movement that reveal to us where our habits might be restricting a full and better use of ourselves.

Art of Soaring is a series of three movement workshops running in the Yoga Collective Studio on the 6th Floor. They are connected but you don’t have to come to all three. You lie on the floor, I direct you with simple functional movement ideas. The aim is that we become more fully ourselves, able to use the resources more fully that evolution has given us.

Special deal for Edinburgh Palette members: £25 per workshop + a free half-hour one-to-one Functional Integration session. Come try something completely different!

Saturdays 28 Jan, 11 Feb, 25 Feb. 11am – 2pm

For more information: or or come knock on my door at 6.27. I’m always happy to talk about what I do. It will be a pleasure to meet you. Alan


Yoga Sessions

Would you like to spend a couple of hours learning about breath, restorative movements, yoga, deep relaxation, how to become aware of the signals your body is sending you and better manage them? I am starting the Friday evening sessions every 2 weeks from 9th December at 6.02, Yoga Collective. The class is for everyone.

You can book via this link or email me at

Also, I am very keep to start a monthly possibly Thursday night pot luck supper/bring and share food kind of gathering at 6.02. I am looking for some others to make a core group to get it going. Be in touch if you would like to be part of it.

All possible JOY.



Craniosacral therapy @ Studio 6.19 with Annamaria  – Body Symphonies

Hello , it was lovely to meet more of you at my exhibition Finding Roots in Water  in Gallery 2 in September and exchange studio numbers :-).

One of my other huts is craniosacral  therapy. I have now created a separate ticket for St Margaret’s House residents in my booking system to keep supporting one another through these challenging times.

You can see a short video on craniosacral therapy here:

More information is available from the national body I belong to here:
The Craniosacral Therapy Association – Official Website

See the date on the calendar, contact me if the times do not work and you wish a different time. We can see if it is possible. I do not work evenings any longer.

To book, please use this link

Sessions will begin again in November after I get back from teaching a retreat.

Love and Trust to all,