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Staying connected during the Coronavirus outbreak

People Know How have partnered up with Venture Scotland, Change Recruitment Group, Edinburgh Palette, the University of Edinburgh and the Edinburgh Remakery to get computers and internet to those who need them during the coronavirus outbreak.

As coronavirus changes lives across the globe, charity People Know How have adapted their services to online and telephone support, continuing their support of children, young people and adults in Edinburgh and East Lothian. Alongside this comes the increased importance of computers to help many experiencing social isolation.

The organisations have teamed up to address this. The project began when People Know How received a donation of 12 computers from the University of Edinburgh, which were then refurbished by Edinburgh Remakery. Soon afterwards Change Recruitment Group, part of the Taranata Group, became the second organisation to gift devices, donating 79 computers. Venture Scotland transported these from George Street to People Know How’s offices at 525 Ferry Road, where Edinburgh Palette has offered the use of the building and its spacious areas as a computer refurbishing base.

They are now refurbishing the computers and accepting further donations. With Venture Scotland ready to deliver them to doorsteps, People Know How are identifying members of the community who will most benefit from a device.

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Self Isolation Sketchbook Diary: Resident Artist Evie Jamieson

‘I am a self taught representational artist and have been painting and drawing for many years.  I have been fortunate enough to live in foreign parts and to be exposed to a rich variety of cultural, climatic and ethnic experiences that have shaped my life and my painting. Back living in Scotland after 40 plus years away I am still enjoying the wonders that surround me and hopefully still improving my art.  I have exhibited in London, Surrey, Edinburgh and in Languedoc in France.

I have been in self-isolation since 17 March 2020 and have been producing a sketch each day which can be found on my website here.

I have found the exercise has kept me grounded and sane and recommend it to all.  The results are not always of great artistic merit, but it will always be a memory.

Self isolation sketch diary started 17.3.20 


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The first ‘Lockdown’ featured resident artist is Simon Rivett

‘In September 2017 I and my wife, Mary  left the island of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides to live in Edinburgh.  I had lived in the islands for 25 years..
They  are a raw and beautiful landscape of water and air, open, treeless and crofted, where the land is the product of the interaction of an ancient, traditional, pastoral land use, and a fragile ecology.’

‘From 2013 onwards I had begun to look for new landscapes to inspire me, my first explorations saw me seeking out more extreme landscapes. I had the good fortune to make two trips to the far north of Iceland , spending a month in Akureyri in September 2013 and April 2015 in Siglufjordur. The landscape of Iceland was a new and exciting challenge. The graphic rhythms of rock, ice and snow encouraged me into a period of  experimentation. I found myself making works that were entirely found, not based on a source drawing, applying paint to boards until the appearance of an image seems to me to evoke a landscape. An amazing sea trip up the west coast of Iceland and as far north as Svalbard continued my encounters with snow, ice and water.

In 2015 I had my first solo show at the Doubtfire Gallery in Edinburgh. The landscapes reflected the trips to Iceland and the Artic but also paid homage to the Hebrides. However the seeds of change were planted and my next trip was to my home region of Northumberland to its softer, lusher valleys and moorland hills. It also marked a change in artistic direction, looking to line and shape rather than dramatic graphic depictions of light and shade. There was greater abstraction and a more controlled simplification of the subject. The images were found though a different approach. This led to a new successful  exhibition at the Doubtfire in 2017.

Arriving in Edinburgh meant I needed to return to the world of employment and to find a new studio. To my surprise and relief I was taken on part-time in visitor services by the Museum of Scotland and was able to secure a studio space with Edinburgh Palette. Unfortunately I felt like Jonah as I had no sooner moved in than the future of the building was placed in doubt.

However I continue to work in the  building and have produced a group of work based on the Borders carrying on the work started in  Northumberland. Recently I have begun to employ my new creative  approach to the city and have a number of new paintings underway. I am optimistic that they will be on exhibition at the Doubtfire Gallery in their new gallery space in  August.’

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Promoting you

“Our plans are taking shape but we need your help”

Following our last email “A Creative Call to Arms”, we have received a fantastic response (keep them coming). We plan to run with your idea of invigorating the Edinburgh Palette website and for it to become more interactive and LIVE connecting residents with the community and bringing your ideas, classes and virtual galleries to life and this is where we need your help…

For those who want to jump on this, can we draw your attention to the Residents Directory feature of our website. This is the perfect time to update all of your information. If you do not have a login, please contact Carly. Alternatively during this difficult time, we can upload the information for you. Please use this drop-box.

To help get us started, please send us images and videos of everything you are involved in and want to show the world via this LINK and we will do our best to promote these for you. The more uptake we get on this the more resources we can develop and improve it. Get involved!

If there is anything we can do in terms of provision or guidance, please get in touch!
For photography assistance, please contact Daniel:
For technical assistance, please contact Clooti:
For more general communication queries, please contact Carly:

For those of you who are not fully tech savvy, stay posted as we are looking to use our resources to provide 1:1 training so that you learn new skills and can join in.

On a separate note, if your email address changes please ensure you communicate this to us, it is extremely important during these times, that we hold an up-to-date email address for all tenants. Additionally if you sublet your studio, please take the responsibility to pass on our communications and get them to send their email address to Carly.

The following links may be useful to those of you who are starting your virtual journey.
Instagram TV –  
Instagram Live –
Facebook Live –
Zoom –
Vimeo –
Youtube –
Twitter –
Soundcloud –
Podbean –

In addition, if you have any events planned and advertised on the Edinburgh Palette website for the month of April, please get in touch with Carly to remove these.

As always, all the best.

The Edinburgh Palette Team

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“A Creative Call to Arms”

As Edinburgh Palette remains open and while we are blessed with incredibly talented tenants, let’s get our creative minds working to promote your goods, services and businesses during this time.

One idea that we are considering is a virtual gallery/shop space, where your products and services could be available to view and purchase online. We could allow day/time slots to set up your products/services in solitude and transform our Gallery into your new Edinburgh Palette web store.

Alternatively are you considering offering virtual classes? Have you thought about Facebook LiveInstagram Live or Zoom sessions? Zoom is particularly good for workshops and 1:1 as you supply the paying clients with a code to join the group. You could break these sessions up into modules or online guides that you could offer instead of face-to-face classes in the interim from home or from your workshop.

We would also like to highlight again that if you are a textile business, you have the opportunity to assist in the manufacturing of personal protective equipment for the NHS. If you are able to offer support, please email:

Whatever you are doing, let us know and we will do our best to share across platforms. It works well if you tag us in your posts! Please email: to let us know about any classes, workshops or pieces you would like us to feature. To participate in the online gallery/shop, please email 

Thank you for your continued support,
The Edinburgh Palette Team

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Rate Relief


We are writing to you all to clarify the current situation in relation to the payment of ‘Non-Domestic Rates’ with the City of Edinburgh Council.

Edinburgh Palette, through our charitable status and structure, is in receipt of a 100% exemption in relation to Non-Domestic Rates. This is made up of an 80% mandatory relief and a further 20% discretionary relief. We have received a number of enquiries from tenants who wish to claim Non-Domestic Rates relief and other associated grants. This makes it possible for Edinburgh Palette to negotiate non-commercial agreements with landlords and pass the savings on via considerably reduced rental agreements to the third sector.

Therefore, tenants do not have individual rates relief reference numbers. Edinburgh Palette are responsible for liaising with the City of Edinburgh Council in this regard.

Should you have any further queries on this matter please contact us directly in the first instance.

Many Thanks,
The Edinburgh Palette Team

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Additional Updates

Hello again to all friends and tenants of Edinburgh Palette,

As of Wednesday 25th of March, St Margaret’s House will be operating on reduced hours from 9am – 6pm. Please continue to adhere to the additional hygiene measures implemented whilst continuing to use the building.

With further restrictions on movement possible in the coming days, we would advise you to collect any equipment, materials and belongings from the building which could allow you to work from home.

If you are a textile business, there is an opportunity to help emergency and health services in the manufacturing of personal protective equipment. If you are able to offer support, please email:

Best Wishes,

The Edinburgh Palette Team

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We’re All in This Together

Hello again to all friends and tenants of Edinburgh Palette,

We would like to highlight the above keyword  “friends” and hammer home that in the midst of this on-going pandemic, charities like ourselves rely on the goodwill of others. Edinburgh Palette is a not for profit organisation which means all of our money goes back into the charity to make improvements within the building and keep rent exceptionally low. With this being said we must emphasize the phrase “if we go down, we all go down” which brings us to the main point of this communication. Edinburgh Palette, as a charity, cannot afford rent reductions or rebates during this time. We understand these are difficult and uncertain times, however it is the same for us all and we hope you can appreciate this by continuing to pay your rent.

Below you will find a few more updates in regard to the building, so please read these carefully. These are in addition to already implemented measures.

As you may have noticed we have aimed to keep operations as normal for as long as possible and last week we informed you that we would be reducing building opening hours. These will be implemented from Wednesday 25th of March and will be as follows: Monday – Saturday 9am – 6pm. The office will be closed but a duty manager will be on site, if you need to get in touch with a duty manager whilst in the building, please do this via email ( or or phone (0131 661 1924).

In regards to parcels, if you wish to provide prepaid self addressed envelopes, we are happy to forward mail to you if you are self-isolating. Alternatively, we can offer a parcel to studio option if the aforementioned option is not suitable.

Finally due to the social distancing guidance, both lifts will be switched off for daily use. If it is a necessity to use the lift, gloves and a key will be provided. The key must be returned to the office immediately after use and then gloves disposed of in the general waste.

Again, we would just like to remind you that we are all in this together and thank you for your cooperation.

Many Thanks,
The Edinburgh Palette Team

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The Women We Know. Summerhall Artist Panel Drink & Food

Summerhall Saturday 7th of March 6pm drinks. Artist Discussion 6.30-7.30pm drinks and food.
Join us for this social gathering and discussion event held to mark the exhibition Mount Strange and the Temple of Fame, and to celebrate International Women’s Day.

This is an opportunity to meet others in an informal setting and to hear from the four exhibiting artists: Victoria Clare Bernie, Maria Gimeno, Mina Heydari-Waite, Alix Villanueva and special guest speakers Kate Signorini from The Open University in Scotland, Rachel Bisset representing the Scottish Women’s Institutes, and Sarah Bell Jones from LOVEROSE.

The discussion, facilitated by Wendy Law (Curator), will focus on the experiences and work of the four women artists and how women in the past, such as Jennie Lee, and women today, are making a positive difference.

Exhibition 23 Jan – 15 March 2020 1st floor galleries: Meadows Suite and Corner + ground floor galleries: Sciennes

This project is supported by National Lottery through Creative Scotland

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