Advancing Creativity, Enterprise, and Well-Being

Core Activity: Development of Inclusive and Dynamic Incubator Hubs

  • Affordable Spaces
  • Platform for Initiatives and Innovation
  • Urban Regeneration
  • Property Management & Facilitation 

Edinburgh Palette specialises in the creation of incubator hubs where people share space, interact, collaborate, and exchange ideas, while facilitating a diverse programme of workshops, exhibitions, and events.   

For over a decade, Edinburgh Palette has successfully created and sustained thriving hubs resulting in:

  • 250,000 square feet of studio, office, and workspaces
  • 350 tenants 40% being charities and start-up organisations
  • 1,000 visitors each week
  • 70 exhibitions and events per year attended by over 10,000 people
  • 20,000 workshops delivered per year
  • 1,000s of new jobs created
  • Re-investment of £5,000,000 into current properties to date

Results from SROI study by Social Value Lab in December of 2015 demonstrated that £2,943,849 of social value was generated at ‘Edinburgh Palette’ alone.  In 2021, it is estimated that this figure now exceeds £5,000,000 of social value generated across all projects.