Places St Margaret’s House Key Partners

Developing strong relationships with key tenants and partners provides a degree of certainty and stability as well as raising the profile and kudos of Edinburgh Palette. By establishing a cross section of successful key tenants with different areas of expertise, Edinburgh Palette ensures it meets its vision of being a ‘melting pot’ where arts, crafts and community all meet.

Additionally, when assessing and negotiating for promising new buildings, confirming and locking in the presence of key tenants in advance, reduces project risk and allows stronger lease negotiations for the property. The Edinburgh Palette community grows from within, as new residents settle themselves in the buildings, new projects arise and need space to develop and expand.

St Margaret’s House has now an array of organisations and collectives who have all benefited from the support and belief of Edinburgh Palette towards their potential and ambition. These include the following:

The Bridge Pottery Collective

We all have (at least a basic) knowledge of making pottery and a desire to learn, for most it can only be a hobby. For others, it has been away back into a creative working life.

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Care for Carers

We provide a range of services to carers in the city from one to one support, training, information, regular carers newsletter and events.

We are well known for our short breaks to carers, we provide a range of breaks from day events to residential short breaks where we take the carers away to recharge their batteries, have some fun, enjoy the company of others and learn something new. We work with carers of all ages and in all caring situations.

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Edinburgh Judo Club

Our Mission Statement is to introduce judo to children and adults of all ages and abilities in a fun and dynamic way, offering all members avenues of opportunity through which they can enjoy a life-long enjoyment of judo.

The judo club is unique in its ability to offer coaching of the highest standard to children and adults of all ages and abilities and allows everyone to practice judo in a safe and friendly environment. We are affiliated to JudoScotland, Sport Scotland‘s recognised governing body for the Olympic sport of Judo within Scotland.

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Edinburgh School of Icon Painting

Basia Mindewicz’s School was created to teach egg tempera and icon painting to people of all possible backgrounds. Our aim is to introduce the world of Orthodox iconography through the practice of the technique and learning the tradition. We also strive to bring together as many people as possible, from different countries and cultural backgrounds, and offer them time and space for dialogue through the unique art of icon.

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Edinburgh School of Music

At ESM, our goal is to instil a love of learning in each students. We are a team of enthusiastic and dedicated teachers with an artistic and hands-on approach to teaching both theory and practice.

We encourage each student to develop an appreciation of diverse musical styles and we strive to instill confidence in each student, giving them support and encouragement to become his or her own unique musician/singer, actor or spaker. Students learn all the necessary skills to pass exams, perform with confidence and compose music, songs and words of their own.

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Leith Lapidary Club

A club with a history, originally the British Gas Lapidary Club formed in 1971, we became Leith Lapidary Club in 1995. We moved to St Margaret’s in August 2014. We have a wide variety of facilities and equipment for cutting and polishing stones, silver work and enamelling, including two lovely new kilns.

We run regular weekly sessions on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and are hoping to open more often shortly. Mondays are the sessions where there is usually someone available to help. Our members work at all skill levels from beginners to experts in their field. Everyone is very friendly, so don’t be worried you won’t fit in. We also run some weekend workshops on lapidary, beginners’ jewellery, silver casting and enamelling. Future events are being scheduled.

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People Know How

We are People Know How, a Scottish charitable organisation that works with people and communities to provide innovative solutions to address social issues.

Our work is founded on consulting and listening to the people we aim to support. We work alongside them to unlock their ideas, delivering projects that directly provide the tools, support and services that they have identified a need for.

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Upward Mobility

Upmo group photoEvery morning of the week a revolving group of around 40 people arrive at Edinburgh Palette, heading for floor B1. Some come on the buses, some via taxis at the back door. Some are in wheelchairs, some need a hand getting here, some come on their own. All are here to learn, all of them have fun and all of them have a learning disability of one kind or another.

We are Upward Mobility Project. We use every inch of the basement 1 floor. We offer over 60 specialist workshops a week, you might hear the percussion group practicing their 7/5 beats, you might be in the background of the photography workshops frequent shoots around the building and you will definitely smell the nine cooking and baking workshops we do each week.

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Yoga Now Studio

Class - Iyengar yoga studioYoga Now studio is a fully equipped Iyengar yoga studio, complete with wall ropes. We offer yoga classes suitable for all levels of experience – from absolute beginners to ongoing training for teachers.

The studio is run by Lucy Brownhall who has 30 years’ experience of Iyengar yoga.

Yoga is suitable for anybody. It enhances both flexibility and strength while increasing a sense of wellbeing. It can be described as meditation in action.

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