Last day of the Swap Shop

We are saying a final goodbye to the Swap Shop on Thursday the 23rd of August,  a valuable service that has been in the building almost from the start of Art in the building. Come along tomorrow between 9am and 2pm to collect items (collect only) for you to reuse, upcycle and generally be creative with. Below… Continue reading

Swap Shop Closure

The Swap Shop will close permanently at St Margaret’s House at the end of August. All items currently within will be disposed of.

Swap Shop Survey

We need your input on the Swap Shop. The Swap Shop has had to close a few times this year due to dangerous items being left in the room or people leaving it so untidy that it becomes a health and safety issue. We are evaluating what your needs and wishes are in regards to… Continue reading

Swap Shop clear out

Are you free this Thursday (1st June)? We are clearing out the swap shop from 3-5pm. I has been locked due to to the fact it is overflowing and in real need of a major tidy up before we let anyone back in there.

The Swap Shop needs your help

Jaimie, the kindly queen of all things Green Team, has a question for all St Margaret’s tenants, concerning the beloved Swap Shop.  Find how you can help them below.