News News Featured Re-opening of the Swap Shop

HUGE apologies for the swap shop being closed so much recently. This is mainly been due to a larger then usual number of donations/people moving out of the building as well as usual donations.

When so much is donated at once it gets untidy and unmanageable with items strewn about the floor making it unsafe. This can take ages to sort out with limited volunteer hours available.


You all tell me you love the Swap Shop. Me and the regular swap shop volunteers would really love your help in keeping the space tidy and safe. We are always looking for volunteers. 1 hour a week per volunteer can make a huge HUGE difference!

YES/NO lists

You will find updated lists of items in the Swap Shop that we definitely don’t want and items we want more of. This will be updated every few months. You will also find alternative places to donate your unwanted items when the swap shop is full.

The Swap shop will to reopen once the excess donations have been cleared.
Thank you for your patience and future help
Swap Shop - AfterSwap Shop - Before