News Community News The Swap Shop needs your help

Jaimie, the kindly queen of all things Green Team, has a question for all St Margaret’s tenants, concerning the beloved Swap Shop.  Find how you can help them below.

The Swap Shop has been going for 4 YEARS now and SO many of you tell us that it has been and still is hugely valuable to you Yippee!!

We need your help to keep it that way!
Hate to see it messy and out of control?
We would love you FOREVER if you would be willing to give some regular time to keep the place looking FAB!
What we need
3-4 good humoured/friendly people who can give:
  • 1-2 hours per week commitment
  • Their love of organising stuff and playing shop
What you would be doing
  • Tidying stock already on display- ensuring in correct areas
  • Sorting donations neatly onto correct shelves/areas
  • Removing any unwanted donations to the store room for recycling/landfill
  • Sweep/mop floor as needed.
Maybe you give it a quick tidy when you are in there already!?
We would love to know who you are!
Come and say hello so we can say THANK YOU!
Interested in joining the Swap Shop Team?
Contact Jaimie (studio G9) or email