Past Exhibitions

On Tree Time

04 June 2021 - 20 June 2021

On Tree Time‘On Tree Time’ is an exhibition about the ways in which trees adapt and endure. Although they move too slowly for us to perceive, over the span of centuries wood flows, trunks twist and limbs turn. Here Tansy Lee Moir presents a new body of work on paper in charcoal, pastel and oil, celebrating the resilience and life force of trees. “When I begin to draw an ancient tree I’m struck by a powerful feeling of my being a short-lived…
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Landscapes of Scotland

04 June 2021 - 18 June 2021

Landscapes of ScotlandBy Jesica Niosi. A mixture of acrylic and ink pen landscapes in both Scotland and Uruguay.
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Caught on Canvas

21 May 2021 - 04 June 2021

Caught on CanvasAn online exhibition by Doodle Snout. A selection of oil and watercolour portrait pieces depicting core moments from film and television moments over the last 50 years. The works in this exhibit are intended to capture the essence of each film through portrait work by focusing on the colours, the compositions, and the characters that mean all the difference between a psychedelic 70s classic, a cyberpunk 80s underdog, or a ground-breaking modern masterpiece. You can view the entire exhibition here:…
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To the Moors over Water by Sheena Phillips

07 May 2021 - 21 May 2021

To the Moors over Water by Sheena PhillipsWalking the same path every day gave me so many ideas and time to think about the places I loved.  I found my passion again for painting atmospheric and slightly abstracted landscapes. This group includes some larger statement pieces and some mid-sized ones which would fit well in any room. You can view this exhibition here:
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Not Normal: An Expression of the Self by Jamie King

03 May 2021 - 21 May 2021

Not Normal: An Expression of the Self by Jamie KingSelf-portraits painted from the beginning of lockdown to the present day. An exploration of the self from my perspective of having schizophrenia whilst experiencing lockdown. All painted using oil on canvas and are approximately 50cm x 60cm. Observing lockdown rules led to isolation and separation from family, friends, and groups that provide vital support with face-to-face contact. This has brought a new and unwelcome ‘normality’. Finding coping strategies has been invaluable in dealing with hallucinatory voices and heightened anxiety. Fortunately,…
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Up Close & Personal

23 April 2021 - 07 May 2021

Up Close & PersonalAn online exhibition by Deryck Henley. These oils are all created during lockdown over the past year with models around the world, over zoom.  All the models have posed for at least one of my online sessions and as an extra thanks, 10% of any sale will go to the model. You can view the exhibition here:
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Beppy Art Scottish Landscapes

26 March 2021 - 09 April 2021

Beppy Art Scottish LandscapesFrom fields and pylons to pubs and shops, Scotland is full of amazing and serene views. And ‘Scottish Landscapes’ brings them together. This exhibition details features moody, rain-filled skies and urban landscapes inspired by the architectural beauty that surrounds us every day. Scotland’s buildings are full of character and it’s not until you stop to look at them that you really take it in. Despite our signature grey skies, there is always a brightness to Scottish landscapes and a flash…
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Woman with ARTitude

12 March 2021 - 25 March 2021

Woman with ARTitudeARTitude is a short version of our group name - Women with ARTitude.  We’ve been meeting on a monthly basis for about two years, originally to offer support and encouragement in our artistic expression. We’ve all come to art through diverse routes which makes for an interesting and stimulating mixture of styles and subject matter. In April last year we had to postpone our exhibition at the Union Gallery, Edinburgh, however we continue creating new pieces of work to exhibit…
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Gray's School of Art Interim Show - Cusp

26 February 2021 - 12 March 2021

Gray's School of Art Interim Show - CuspLaunching on the 26th of February is the online interim show by 4th year students at Gray's School of Art. Please note, this exhibition is being hosted online by Gray's School of Art.
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On the Same Boat

11 December 2020 - 20 December 2020

On the Same BoatA group exhibition held by Edinburgh Palette. All works are by residents and are for sale. Visit by appointment only by contacting Marcin.
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fifty50 20twenty

26 November 2020 - 28 November 2020

fifty50 20twentyAn exhibition by Prisca and Jeff Kemp at Gallery 2, Edinburgh Palette, 151 London Road, EH76AE. 26 - 28th November 2020, 12:00 noon - 6:00pm With one or two exceptions, this collection was made in the first months of 2020 as we processed the impact of Covid through pictures and poems. Some responses were, unsurprisingly, sombre. Though much of the exhibition focuses on facing days unchanging as a landscape. "A Plagiarization Of The Dire Year" containing all the exhibition's words…
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A Sense of Magi

06 November 2020 - 20 November 2020

A Sense of MagiWe are made from the stuff of stars, From ancient times to present day, we still look to the stars above for guidance. As above, is below. (Emerald Tablet, hermetic text.) We would like to invite you on this visual journey, that brings the past to the present, through an exploratory time lapsed celestial narrative of todays re-emergence of ancient holistic classical teachings. Whilst, we are experiencing the same effects of bubonic plague (1350.) through a fusion of jewellery, talisman…
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Pretend You Can See Me

23 October 2020 - 06 November 2020

Pretend You Can See MeA series of paper collages exploring themes of femininity, ageing, rites of passage and sentimentality by Emily Margaret. Pretend You Can See Me Exhibition »
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Pop-Up Exhibition: City, Land & Seascapes

16 October 2020 - 30 October 2020

Pop-Up Exhibition: City, Land & SeascapesOur latest pop-up exhibition is available to view now. City, Land & Seascapes Exhibition »  
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Outside by Space Artworks

09 October 2020 - 23 October 2020

Outside by Space ArtworksAn online exhibition of 15 landscape paintings by 3 Edinburgh based artists - Karen Duncan, Sarah Kay Wren and Kirsten Lawrie. A celebration of the outdoors and the love of the Scottish Landscape and from the perspective of indoors 2020. Outside Exhibition »
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