Dotty Art for Wellbeing Class by Upcycled World

Dotty Art for Wellbeing Class by Upcycled World

Saturday 30 June, 2018 - Saturday 30 June, 2018
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Teacher: Angi
Suitable for: Beginners

Price: £20

What is Dotty Art?

Dotty Art is all about relaxing, feeling good and having fun.

It’s a gentle mindful practice that helps relieve worries, stress and anxiety, promoting wellbeing. Using dots to create images is a primitive art form rooted in tribal cultures across the world from Europe to Australia to Africa.

What will I do at this class?

You will be giving yourself the space to turn off your busy mind, let go and connect with your inner creative genius, Yes you do have one! You don’t need to be artistic, it’s all about getting into flow and we reckon you’ll be delighted with your creation.

The idea is not to think too much, it’s not about the outcome, it unfolds as you walkabout. Just take one step and see where it takes you. Choose your favourite colours and let the journey unfold as you lose yourself in the moment.

You will leave with a new skill for relaxation, an uplifting sense of achievement, a quietened mind and an astonishing piece of art.

Why take this class?

We welcome you and offer you a safe place for nurturing your intuitive process. This is both healing and beautiful.

Angi, our expert dotty tutor will guide you through. She walks the talk having only discovered her creativity at 35. It has helped her to escape and de-stress during 43 years in IT. She has a passion for exploring and experimenting with colour and form using recycled materials where possible. We love this ethos. She loves travelling with her partner Gordon and cat Red, growing vegetables, history and a new-found interest in kayaking.

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