Ashtanga vinyasa yoga, evening class

Ashtanga vinyasa yoga, evening class

Thursday 18 January, 2018 - Thursday 18 January, 2018
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Suitable for: Beginners

Price: £6 per class, or a block of 5 for £25

Ashtanga is a dynamic, very energising yoga style.
A great way to start the new year!

This class is an introduction to the Ashtanga yoga method, we will finish the class with relaxation in Savasana (corpse pose)

Please notice that this class is still tough, the difference between this class and a regular full led Ashtanga class is that the pace is slower, as I take the time to explain the postures in more detail.

Mats available on request or bring your own
Drops in-welcome


Yo-yo cafe, Edinburgh palette, basement
Basement One
St. Margaret’s House, 151 London Road