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‘Just’- Free Film Festival Comes to St Margaret’s House

film festival poster fb St Margaret’s is pleased to be hosting screenings as part of ‘Just’ Free Film Festival running from the 10th-15th of March. The festival  will explore over 30 fantastic award-winning films (primarily focusing on documentaries) from around the world. All the screenings from this years festival are free and open to the public and will hopefully act as a spring board to a lot of fruitful discussion .

On the final day of the festival, 15th March, St Margaret’s House will play host not one but two series of screenings, focusing on Gender Issues (12:00pm- 2:30pm)  and  the Sex Industry (3:00pm-5:30pm). After which  Shakti Women’s Aid and OABI will give a live Q&A after screenings,  focusing on the issues raised around gender violence, feminism and the the sex industry.  All this will take place in G21, the small theatre space run by Jen Mcgregor, who runs tight laced theatre.

The films to be shown include ‘Thin Walls’ (selected for the 2007 Stockholme film festival) ‘Oppressed Majority’ (recently picked up by the guardian film section) ‘We are Foot Soldiers’ (a powerful story of the children of sex trafficked women) and ‘Lest we Forget’ (a story of redemption from domestic violence, set in Scotland) amongst many others.  

For Further details please download the Just Film Festival Flyer to read more about the festival.

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