Alice Boyle visits the Wednesday Advanced Art Class

Alice Boyle visits the Wednesday Advanced Art ClassDear all,

Last session we looked again at the work of the Scottish painter Alice Boyle but this week we had the lady herself to answer our questions. She spoke about how she worked and worked with the children as they turned their designs into paintings. She showed us layering colour and how to work with our hands as well as brushes. We all agreed it was much more fun having the actual artist with us, if a little intimidating. The wee artists were a little shy and over awed but deeply impressed!

It was a great art session, working with acrylic paint onto the plater canvases we prepared the week before. We used our knowledge of colour theory to turn primary colours into secondary and tertiary colours. Starting with pale washing and building up colour the children created impressive abstract pieces.

Next week we are looking at printing using gelatine plates.

More about the artist

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