Exhibitions In The Shadows Cast By Trees

In The Shadows Cast By Trees
Saturday 11 November - Sunday 26 November 2017 11:00am - 6:00pm
St Margaret's House

A collection of images and poetry inspired by nature and mythology

Opening Event: Saturday, 11 November 1pm 4pm
Free Poetry Workshop: Saturday, 18 November 2pm – 3:30pm

As life has its circle; as paths meander and are lost in the forest; as death becomes rebirth, the endless cycle continues. Where we fit into this circle is an open-ended question, a puzzle we try to solve through stories, mythology and religion. And who knows what may be found in the shadows cast by trees.

Cordula Marks Venters is a German born artist and illustrator, based in Edinburgh. Always at home in the forest, she is fascinated by the tiny details of life in all its forms. From these miniature worlds, huge themes emerge; this fits perfectly with her fondness for fairy tales – a classic German predilection – and exploring what may lurk in the dark heart of the forest.

Kirsty Venters Marks is a Scottish/Irish poet, author and storyteller, based in Edinburgh. Drawn to the beauty and melancholy of myth, fairy tale and magical realism, her poetry and prose often reflect the inner world made external. Through solo work and collaborations, particularly with her wife Cordula Marks Venters, she inhabits these worlds through the safety and the peril of words.


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St. Margaret’s House – Gallery 3
St Margaret's House, 151 London Road

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