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Our Yoniverse
Wednesday 4 July - Sunday 8 July 2018 11:00am - 5:00pm
St Margaret's House

Art Residency Participation

Dear precious woman,

If you identify as female I would like to invite you to participate in this unique and powerful piece of work in the time between 23rd June – 3th July 2018. In this time I will provide slots of individual sessions lasting 2-3 hours with the participating woman to paint their yoni/vulva in the medium of watercolour.

The word yoni stems from Sanskrit meaning “source” and describes the vulva as a stylised representation of the goddess Shakti. In the Tantra tradition the yoni embodies the origin of life.

A watercolour yoni painting is delicate, vulnerable and powerful in its uncompromising clarity. This makes the work potent on so many levels. If you are intersted you are invited to an informative opening event on Friday 22nd June, 6pm, to be able to ask some questions, to see the set-up and sign up for participation.

The work will then be exhibited in the same space.
Opening night of the exhibition will be on Tuesday 3rd July 6pm and run until Sunday 8th July.

As female artist I always have been interested in how we live and feel in our bodies. As a cis woman I seek to break out of the hetero-normative culture. I oppose the bourgeois patriarchial ownership of sexuality.

Hence a lot of questions are emerging.

  • How do we perpetuate a culture of shame and visual violence?
  • What are considered the debased images of the sacred act of sex & love in our supressed society?
  • How can we embody our vulnerability as our strenth?
  • Can we maintain healthy boundaries and expose hidden aspects of our being at the same time?
  • What does a conscious departure from deep seated conditioning look like?

Most importantly I am interested in what emerges for you in the process of your yoni being witnessed, studied and admired in a respectful and sacred space? I invite you to listen into your body and contribute your findings after the painting in an open dialogue.

A safe space will be created in Gallery 3 at Edinburgh Palette in St. Margarets House.
I will make it cosy, clean, inviting and ensure your privacy during the session. Before the session we both will sign a consent agreement, defining confidentiality and boundaries of the work. As there will be an exhibition of the work 3rd – 8th July, you can opt for different levels of anonymity. I will do sketches and take photos and/or video for inquiry purposes. Before you pose we will have a short silent meditation to attune to each other.

By participating in this project you have the unique opportunity to support the rise of the divine feminine in society. It is a fluid, soft, strong, discerning, sensual, juicy and compelling quality that can be potentially healing. So lets honour the goddess archetype and reclaim ownership of our sexuality.

I am looking forward hearing from you!
Please contact me via email: ihalm@web.de, or find me on Facebook or Instagram at Isabella Halm Artist


Location details

St. Margaret’s House – Gallery 3
St Margaret's House, 151 London Road

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