Exhibitions Our Yoniverse 2.0

Our Yoniverse 2.0
Tuesday 4 September - Monday 24 September 2018 10:00am - 6:00pm
St Margaret's House

Art Residency Participation

Dear precious woman,

after the successful completion of the first Yoniverse and overwhelming positive feedback from participating women and exhibition visitors I like to invite you to become visible and discover your own power in this process.

If you identify as female I would like to invite you to participate in this unique and powerful piece of work in the time between 4th – 24th September 2018. In this time I will provide slots of individual sessions averaging 2,5 hours for a woman to pose their yoni/vulva for being painted in the medium of watercolour.The word yoni stems from Sanskrit meaning „source“ and describes the vulva/vagina as a stylised representation of the goddess Shakti. In the Tantra tradition the yoni embodies the origin of life.

Painting the yoni in watercolour has been a powerful journey for previous participants and the artist alike: transformational, deep and enriching. This makes the work potent on so many levels.

As female artist I always have been interested in how we live and feel in our bodies. As a cis woman I seek to break out of the hetero-normative culture. I oppose the bourgeois patriarchal ownership of sexuality. Hence a lot of questions are emerging.

  • How do we perpetuate a culture of shame and visual violence?
  • What are considered the debased images of the sacred act of sex & love in our supressed society?
  • How can we embody our vulnerability as our strength?
  • Can we maintain healthy boundaries and expose hidden aspects of our being at the same time?
  • What does a conscious departure from deepseated conditioning look like?

Most importantly I am interested in what emerges for you in the process of your yoni being witnessed, studied and admired in a respectful and sacred space? I invite you to listen into your body and contribute your findings after the painting in an open dialogue. Your feedback will be recorded.

A safe space will be created in Gallery 3 at Edinburgh Palette in St. Margarets House.
I will make it cosy, clean, inviting and ensure your privacy during the session. Before the session we both will sign a consent agreement, defining confidentiality and boundaries of the work. As this will be an ongoing project aiming at future exhibitions or publications you can opt for different levels of anonymity.
I will do sketches, take photos and/or sound recordings or inquiry purposes.
Before you pose we will have a short atunement to each other.

By participating in this project you have the unique opportunity to support the rise of the divine feminine in society. It is a fluid, soft, strong, discerning, sensual, juicy and compelling quality that can be potentially healing. So lets honour the godess archetype and reclaim ownership of our sexuality.

I am looking forward hearing from you!

Please contact me via email: ihalm@web.de, or text/call 07969 713204
and find me on Facebook or Instagram at Isabella Halm Artist


Location details

St. Margaret’s House – Gallery 3
St Margaret's House, 151 London Road

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