How to insert a zip

Wednesday 27 June, 2018
1:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Teacher: Jen Skedd
Suitable for: Adults - All levels

Price: £22

Perfect zips are tricky and sewing in a zip is a constant source of stress for some home dressmakers. Many people tell me that they avoid them entirely – even people who’ve been sewing for many years. I also struggled to sew in zips for many years; both standard skirt zips and concealed zips. But I can show you that they’re not really that difficult when you know how.

Unless you only want to sew with stretchy fabrics and elastic waistlines, or only make T-shirts that you pull over the head, then you need to be able to sew in zips. But a wonky zip is a giveaway that a garment is homemade so ditch the wobbly stitching and learn the sure-fire way to insert standard skirt zips using the lapped method. We’ll also include the dressmakers Mecca: concealed zips, also known as ‘invisible zips’. So-called because when inserted in a seam, you can’t see there’s a zip there at all. It just looks like a beautifully-pressed seam. This is a couture technique and is well-worth learning to achieve the beautiful minimal appearance. This will really give your garment the professional touch.

Being able to put in a zip is a foundation sewing skill. Most skirt, dress or trouser patterns need a zip to be able to get the garment on and off. So take this quick little class and get a grip on those zips. No more lumps and bumps; just perfect zips every time.

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