Community Events Femme by Constanza Manescau

Femme by Constanza Manescau
Friday 18 March 2022 All Day

This series of photographs shows the female body as it is, wanting it to move away from the culture of the object and sexism. Showing it as a body-temple, denouncing the censorship that continues to instigate the woman’s body to this day. Focusing on the sacredness of the body as a way to aid mental healing.

Constanza Manescau is a photographer, filmmaker, writer and visual artist born in Argentina. She covers several fields within the film industry, such as feature films, documentaries, commercials, music videos. She founded Narval, a creativity and audiovisual studio and won the Emerging Artist Award in Barcelona.

My motor of creation is based on the experimentation of personal and humanitarian existential experiences, representing them through visual art from the points of power of change, the right to life, freedom and expression through art. By way of moving in a psychological-emotional and philosophical way from the fact of being human. Analyzing history at a cultural, sociological and political level to create other paths outside of those established for the evolution and freedom of being. Claiming our rights through reporting and exposing them. Finding myself in a continuous search for different forms of expression such as cinema, photography, video art and interactive installations.

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