Community Events Earth

Friday 22 March - Sunday 24 March 2024 12:00am
St Margaret's House

Earth follows on from ‘Finding Roots in Water’ in September 2022. The seed for it
actually came whilst I was sitting manning the exhibition then. It is about a journey, individual and collective, embryological and artistic. It is about Creation and how creation and creativity evolve when there is a period in life where everything changes and the listening can only be gentle, real, honest to the core and take the time it needs to take.

This time I am sharing both the most recent work- mainly photography- as well as
the work that took to get there- drawings, prints, paintings. Some of these works in themselves are complete works as well as starting points. Enquiry seeds as well as beginning seeds literally, of more creative ideas and processes that have been coming out of pure love, observation, curiosity, surprise. You would not believe the amount of observing and recording behind the scenes. Enough material from and for years I would love to share this enquiry and joy with you!!!

Location details

St. Margaret’s House – Gallery 2
St Margaret's House, 151 London Road

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