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Body Language
Friday 24 November - Thursday 30 November 2023 11:00am - 7:00pm
St Margaret's House

Marcin Krupa’s exhibition tilted Body Language reveals his recently created artworks and is a continuation of a theme he’s been working on for the last five years. The artist decided to use the words which suggest a dialog, different cultures, countries, ethnicity, boundaries, self confidence or its lack. It may suggest pleasantness, calmness, good manners or the opposite of that. The body in its naked state may communicate in an unspoken language, without involving words,. The pose can be seen as as a statement, challenge, provocation or acknowledgment; tenderness. Sadly in the showcased artworks there’s not enough diversity of the body type, gender and age, as the artist couldn’t reach out efficiently to certain communities or individuals due to prejudices, mistrust or cultural-religious restrictions.

Marcin currently is based in Edinburgh and creates at his art studio at St Margaret’s House. He’s art practice involved working from life, sketches and photographs. Marcin works across different art mediums such as painting, drawing and sculpture. You can find more of his works by visiting a website:

Social Media:
Instagram: @marcikrupa

Facebook: MarcinKrupaSculptor

Location details

St. Margaret’s House – Gallery 1
St Margaret's House, 151 London Road
Edinburgh EH7 6AE

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