Community Events Harmonic Family Constellations

Harmonic Family Constellations
Saturday 9 December 2023 9:00am - 6:00pm
St Margaret's House
Teacher: Kaja Jurkowska and Nela Jurkowska
Suitable for: Adults
Price: £120 or Auditor £60
Location: G5

Hello, Lovely People!
We want to share exciting news about our full-day workshop, “Harmonic Family Constellations” combining Hellinger’s Constellations with enchanting Sound Therapy! 

What are Harmonic Family Constellations?
This unique fusion of two powerful transformational tools, Hellinger’s Constellations, will delve into hidden family dynamics, while Sound Therapy introduces vibrations that support the healing process.

At the Workshop we will explore:
Hellinger’s Constellations and uncover hidden family bonds.
Sound therapy to harmonise the body and mind.

The first part focuses on family constellations, addressing the core of the issue you’d like to work on—relationship, financial, personal, family, health, or business challenges. The choice is yours. The second part involves sound therapy.
You will be surrounded by the gentle sounds of chimes, gongs, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, inducing deep relaxation, releasing tension, and calming the mind.\

Two Package Options:
Package 1
Full Hellinger’s constellation session, addressing the specific issue of your choice + a full sound therapy session ✨
Price: £120
Limited to 6 participants in this package.

Package 2
Auditor – participants will act as representatives in other people’s constellations + a full sound therapy session ✨
Price: £60
Limited to 10 participants in this package.

Location: St Margaret’s House, 151 London Rd, Edinburgh EH7 6AE
What Will You Need?
A blanket, pillow, and a yoga mat and anything to ensure your comfort during the 1.5-hour sound therapy session.
Lunch (please, bring your own). Lunch break from 1:30 PM to 2:00 PM
We’ll provide light snacks, coffee, and tea.

How to Join?
Secure your spot by reaching out to me via direct message or sending an email to or
Limited spaces available!

See you on the magical path of sound family constellations! 

Location details

G5 Workshop Space
Ground Floor, St Margaret's House
Edinburgh EH7 6AE

How to find St Margaret’s House