Beppy Art Scottish Landscapes

Beppy Art Scottish Landscapes

Friday 26 March, 2021 - Friday 9 April, 2021
All Day

From fields and pylons to pubs and shops, Scotland is full of amazing and serene views. And ‘Scottish Landscapes’ brings them together. This exhibition details features moody, rain-filled skies and urban landscapes inspired by the architectural beauty that surrounds us every day. Scotland’s buildings are full of character and it’s not until you stop to look at them that you really take it in. Despite our signature grey skies, there is always a brightness to Scottish landscapes and a flash of colour to be found.

Whenever I create something, I want to capture loads of character. My work is influenced by impressionism and Japanese art styles. Inks and paints feature a lot in my work because of their brilliant vibrant colours and their deep blacks – and I find working with ink over paint is a lovely way to capture detail. Scottish buildings and streets provide a lot inspiration for my work and I love the gothic and Victorian architecture of our big cities. I’ve recently moved into more traditional landscape work but will always enjoy looking at how man-made structures fit with natural backgrounds.



Third Floor
St. Margaret’s House, 151 London Road