Lunchtime yoga

Wednesday 19 September
12:15 pm - 1:15 pm

This one hour, lunchtime Iyengar Yoga class is a great way to undo the damage of sitting at a desk!
Sitting and repetitive tasks take a toll on our bodies, leading to back, neck and shoulder pain, knee and hip problems… Learn how to undo accumulated tension in your body and protect yourself against further damage! By taking some time out from your work, you will refresh and calm your mind and be much more effective in the afternoon.
You are welcome to drop-in to the class when it suits you but it is cheaper per class to book for the term (and you are more likely to come regularly if you book in advance). Yoga works best when done regularly.

Dressmaking Class

Wednesday 19 September
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

29 Aug 2018 6:30 PM – 29 Aug 2018 9:00 PM

This dress making class is ideal for someone who has intermediate dressmaking skills, you should be comfortable using a sewing machine and have made simple projects such as cushions or bags.

Key skills learned throughout this course;

Yoga Foundation Course

Wednesday 19 September
7:00 pm - 8:15 pm

This 7 week course is an ideal introduction to Iyengar Yoga, suitable for beginners and those who wish to look again at the basics. You will be shown how to work safely in the Foundation level poses and by the end of the course, you should feel confident to join a Level 1 class.
It is best to attend each week of the course and missed classes cannot be refunded.

6 Week Dressmaking Class

Thursday 20 September
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Spend 6 weeks in the studio creating your own bespoke design and sewing your made-to-measure creation.

Learn pattern cutting techniques as well as fitting zips, button holes and other sewing skills to finish your garment for a professional and polished look.

Must have a little sewing experience – i.e. able to thread a machine and can sewing in straight and curved lines or have attended a beginner’s sewing class.

Existential Questions? A Series of Six Process Art Workshops

Friday 21 September
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Are you tired of living in a culture where “dumbing down is so prevalent?
Do you like wrestling with the BIG questions?
Come, join us in an exploration of the existential layer of our life process.

In this series of workshops we will take the time to make art, reflect on and share about that which makes us human. One by one you are invited to visit those challenging aspects of the human condition which are unavoidable and which pose ultimately unsolvable questions. Our creativity is put to the best of uses when called upon to remake our answers to these existential questions.
Each week we will explore where we are currently standing in relation to one of six universal themes:
1. embodiment
2. autonomy and relatedness
3. freedom and responsibility
4. death and other limitations
5. meaning and meaninglessness
6. the Un-known
You may attend these workshops as a complete series or individually.

Wet felting & Free-motion Embroidery Workshop

Saturday 22 September
11:00 am - 3:30 pm

Spend 2 evenings learning how to wet felt using merino wool tops in a variety of vibrant colours then fashion into jewellery, wall hangings, book marks and more!

Work further into the felt trapping fabrics, lace, ribbons into the felt and using hand embroidery and free hand embroidery to build textures and layers to your design.

Intuitive Painting & Meditation

Saturday 22 September
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
  1. “Intuitive painting is the practice of meditating with a brush in your hand! A powerful spiritual and creative practice designed to connect people with their intuition and inner guidance. “

The class combines intuitive painting, meditation and free writing. It provides a safe and positive space for free expression, with the aim to develop an intuitive approach to the creative process. The main focus of the activity is the process rather than the final outcome. Art is used as a tool for pure self expression, healing and transformation. A short guided meditation opens and closes the practice and helps to relax the mind and the body.

Drink, Make and Do

Drink, Make & Do

Saturday 22 September
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Relax with a cocktail while learning new crafts, no experience needed. Sessions are priced at £20 (£15 if paying in advance) with all materials and drinks provided.

Jan 27th- metal embossing, Celtic designs
Feb 24th- bath bombs, produce your own bath scents and packaging
March 31st- willow weaving, entwine your own Easter wreath
April 28th- spring mobile , inspired by Beltane and nature
May 26th- plaster cast tea light flowers and mod-roc birds
June 30th- block printing, design a beach bag
July 28th- sugar craft, create a perfect cupcake
Aug 25th- needle felting, make insect brooches and magnets
Sep 29th- marbeling and basic bookbinding, construct a notebook
Oct 27th- Lino printing, design Day of the Dead prints
Nov 24th- winter decorations, garlands and centrepieces

Contact us

All sessions are held at G5 Education and Workshop space, Edinburgh Palette, 151 London road, Edinburgh, EH7 6AE

Make silver stacking rings

Sunday 23 September
10:00 am - 3:00 pm

**this workshop is also on 28th Oct**

During this workshop, you will be shown how to size your finger. Then you will shape, solder and finish up to 6 contrasting silver rings using different shaped wire to create a set of unique stacking rings. You will be using hammers, pliers, a saw and blowtorch to create your rings which can be polished and ready to wear by the end of the session.

To book your place, email me:
Or visit my website:

Monday Jewellery Skills 6:30 - 9pm

Monday 24 September
6:30 am - 9:00 am

In this workshop you will learn all basic jewellery skills. We will go through basic skills such as piercing, filling, soldering and finishing jewellery to more advance techniques such as stonesetting. You will learn the skills on real projects such as making a ring or pendant. Part of the class is also improving your design skills.​

There will be individual study plan designed specially for each person depending on your needs and experiences.

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