Beginners Sewing Course XL

Thursday 9 January - Thursday 13 February
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

The Beginners sewing course XL is an extended version of the classic Beginners sewing course. It is a 6-week evening course, so there’s two extra projects to make. This extra sewing practice makes a huge difference to your sewing skill and confidence.

It is a good starting point to learn expert sewing techniques whether you want to progress into dressmaking, soft furnishing or craft projects. It’s also a great refresher if you’ve not sewn for a while. You’ll learn how to understand sewing machines, get experience of using different stitch types, learning about stitch lengths, widths and tensions. I’ll explain what the different presser feet are for and you’ll learn how to measure and cut fabric.

Vintage-style Hand Embroidery

Friday 17 January
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Make a vintage-style hand-embroidery hanging inspired by vintage textiles.

Vintage embroidery is a textile art workshop that will show you ways to use Granny’s embroidered table linen,  (or those lace doilies you picked up at the charity shop). You’ll create a lovely hanging to show off treasured family heirlooms or just to recreate fond memories of childhood.

We’ll create a collage, taking inspiration from the classic motifs found on tablecloths, tea trays,  and other hand-embroidered items.  You can also incorporate secondary inspirations such as birds, or botanicals from vintage books or other subjects that interest you, whether it’s dressmaking, recipes or family memories.

You will stitch these source materials together onto your chosen background and decorate it using simple hand embroidery stitches to create a highly-personal piece of work.

Botanical Embroidery Workshop

Saturday 18 January
11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Be inspired by nature during this class – spend the day in the studio learning embroidery techniques whilst making a beautiful hand stitched embroidery piece.

A relaxing day to spend time with friends, meet new people and learn a new skill.

Design your own embroidery and learn new skills.

This class is open to complete beginners as well as embroiderers of all experience.

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Get Creative With Fused Glass

Saturday 18 January
11:00 am - 4:30 pm

Learn something new at the start of the new year while making yourself a beautiful glass bowl, colourful sun catcher or something else that has a personal meaning to you.

Have you ever tried fusing glass? It is fun and utterly addictive. In this workshop you will learn how this is done and give it a go. If you already have basic skills, you can work on your desired project or learn new techniques.

Kiln-formed or fused glass is a craft known since ancient times and has been used for making jewellery and vessels. Through the ages, the craft of fusing glass was largely forgotten until it was re-discovered in the 1950-ties. Currently, fusing glass is a popular hobby as well as a distinct and versatile art form.

Fusing glass enables individual pieces to be transformed into a single object when they are put together and exposed to high temperature in a kiln. Depending on the temperature used, different textures and other interesting visual effects can be achieved. Furthermore, placing the glass into a mould or on a prop can produce three-dimensional forms with varying complexity.

In this workshop you will:

• learn the basics of fusing glass
• become skilled in cutting glass and assembling simple forms
• learn how to achieve desired textures and other effects
• design and make your own glass objects to take home

Note that your creations will not be ready at the end of the workshop, but will be available to collect from the studio 2-3 days after the workshop. Tools and materials will be provided.

To inquire or book a place at this workshop email Irina at:

Free Yoga Taster Class

Saturday 18 January
3:30 pm - 4:45 pm

This is a FREE Iyengar Yoga class – a chance to try it with no commitment, to see if it might be for you.
This class is suitable for beginners and will be an introduction to this tradition of classical yoga. No previous experience is required.
The class will be taught by Lucy, the Director of Yoga Now, who has been practicing Iyengar yoga since 1986.

Yoga Now is on the 4th floor of St.Margaret’s House.
Please wear leggings or shorts and bare feet for the class.
Please reserve your free place at

Free film screening

Saturday 18 January
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Free film screening of “BKS Iyengar: Uniting through Yoga”.
Find our more about Iyengar Yoga and the man who is credited with bringing yoga to the West. If you have ever enjoyed yoga (or used a yoga brick, belt or bolster) it is partly due to the work of Mr Iyengar.
This film was made in 2019, to celebrate the 100th year since his birth (Yogacharya Iyengar died in 2014) and includes footage from people who knew him and were taught by him from all over the world.

The film will be shown after a free taster class (3.30 – 4.45pm) in the Yoga Now studio on the 4th floor of st Margaret’s House. All welcome!

If you can, please let us know you are coming by registering online at

Needlepoint Felting Class - Teacup Pin Cushion

Sunday 19 January
1:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Learn needlepoint felting techniques and make a beautiful tea cup pin cushion in this 1 day class.

All materials included as well as tea, coffee and light snacks.

What’s Included:

Vibrant selection of quality merino wool tops
Barbed needles for felting
Vintage tea cup
Tea, coffee and light snacks

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Level 1 yoga class

Monday 20 January
6:00 pm - 7:15 pm

This class is suitable for beginners (it’s best to complete the Beginners Course first but not compulsory) and those who are new to Iyengar yoga.

This class teaches a wide syllabus of poses including standing poses, seated poses, twists, forward bends, backbends and restorative asanas. In Iyengar yoga, we all study all of the poses as it is important to maintain and explore the full range of movement within the body. We incorporate long holds, flowing sequences, use of equipment and in depth study of actions involved in asana practice. This is a class (not a group practice) and you will be taught how to work safely and given individual instruction to help you to learn and improve.

There are many styles of yoga available now – fast or slow, hot, arial, flowing, supported etc. These are mostly a Western invention about marketing yoga, offering people yoga ‘to suit them’, to make it more appealing. Iyengar yoga is a classical form of yoga and we teach the entire subject, not just the bits we like best – because we all need to do it all. Often, we need most to do the bit we like least! Luckily, it is very enjoyable and the rewards are many!

If you would like to find out what yoga is really about, this is a very good place to start.
Mondays 6 – 7.15pm with Al
Tuesdays 7.30 – 8.45 pm with Lucy

Stained Glass Skill classes. Advanced and intermediate

Tuesday 21 January
10:00 am - 1:00 pm

This workshop is available for those who have done a course and want to develop there own project under expert supervision.

You can book packs of 5 sessions (five Tuesdays). It doesn’t need to be correlative but you have to use in maximum 5 months from the first session.
There is also a limit to the size of panel which can be undertaken due to storage space.

Introduction to Sewing Class

Tuesday 21 January
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Beginners Sewing – Tuesday 14th & 21st January – 6.30pm – 9pm.

This practical sewing course will help you become familiar with the basics of machine sewing and help you build your confidence using a domestic sewing machine before moving on to a simple sewing project after which you can graduate onto another intermediate course offered by Edinburgh Sewcial Club.

Week one:

Threading Sewing Machine and winding & inserting bobbin in machine.
Confident driving skills
Learning about fabric qualities and various machine stitches

Week two:
Summary of previous week
Utilising the skills learned on week 1 for a small project – envelope cushion or tote bag.

Once you have completed the 2 week beginners class you will be able to confidently move on to a dressmaking class to progress further your new found skills.

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