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This exhibition showcases the work of four artists who have worked throughout the COVID-19 lockdown and responded to it in different ways.  The last four months have left some of us with a sense of severance from our connection with everyday activities and a break from our usual practice. However, our need to reconnect and communicate with each other and audiences remains strong.  The work we show is our attempt to overcome the disconnect imposed by the viral pandemic and respond to our precious world.

Jacqui Higgs has been sketching on location while in lockdown. Some of the sketches have been developed into larger scale mixed media pieces on specialised paper and canvas.

Jude Nixon’s lockdown work focusses on observations of the minute marks made by coal remnants on a windswept beach. The Tidelines project consists of a number of large-scale panels constructed from Wenzhou paper, pigments, gesso and size. She is also showing work inspired by observation of natural phenomena such as a wasps byke and blackbirds nest.

Irina Stancheva is a glass artist who worked in her studio at St Margaret’s House during the lockdown. Her recent work, often inspired by long walks in the Holyrood park and vivid dreams, uses bright colours and interesting shapes as an escape from and resistance to the feelings of anxiety and dread caused by the COVID crisis.

Nicky Beckett In contrast to her most recent works, which have related to the social issues of homelessness the refuge crisis and prejudice, Nicky Beckett’s thoughts and ideas have focussed on her years spent living in South West France. The colour, the light and the abstract shapes have inspired this series of mixed media works.

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