What’s On Exhibitions “About Time” by Constantine..

Artist Biography:

Constantine is a self taught artist, originally from Athens, Greece, but spent the last 12 years in Scotland. He moved to Scotland, as a young man to study Geology. His first memory is that of drawing, which he carried on doing in his teen years, as well as exploring various others artistic and creative  disciplines and routes such as music, which he still does to this day too.

Throughout his University career he realized that Geology was really not for him and that life is simply too short to be wasting on things that have appeal to us. Then he made  the decision to just follow his true calling, ignoring other peoples’ opinions and go after what HE wants in life.

Artist Statement: 

As a human being, I am absolutely fascinated by the complexity of the human psyche , communicated, both consciously as well as sub-consciously, through, facial expressions, posture, body language and physical appearance in general.

Therefore, due to the fact that “actions speak louder than words”, as an artist I try to tell a story by capturing and recreating those ways of communication.

My sources of inspiration, include iconic heroes, legends and folklore personalities, found in mythological tales and history, as well as “ordinary” people in our every day life that live their lives “extraordinarily”.

My style has yet developed through a combination of both Drawing and Painting approaches, and the media I predominately use are, Ink and Alcohol Based Markers on Paper, however as I feel that there’s no limits in order to invent and create I have regularly experimented with different material and different approaches.

Instagram: @constantine_artist

Facebook: @constantinetheartist