Studios More information about studios

If you are interested in going on the waiting list please fill out the following form

We have three sizes of studio:

  • 1 window studio (100ft2)
    £150 p.c.m.
  • 2 window studio (200ft2)
    £230 p.c.m.
  • 3 window studio or bigger (300ft2 +)
    From £345 p.c.m.

Please be aware that there is a high demand for space. At present we have a few available studios of various sizes. For any additional information about studio availability, pricing and terms of service, please contact us.


DSC_2858The studios offered at St Margaret’s House are ideal creative spaces for established and emerging artists or offices for small businesses and third sector organisations.

Artists with a studio at St Margaret’s House enjoy a wide range of benefits including; tea and coffee facilities, prioritised use of the community and project facilities, regular networking and social opportunities, access into collaborative working initiatives and collective group marketing activities.

As Edinburgh Palette expands to include additional buildings, the range of studios offered will increase. Please follow us on Facebook to keep up with the progress on this.