Community Events Non-Human and Human-Animals. In Stillness.

Non-Human and Human-Animals. In Stillness.
Saturday 1 July - Sunday 30 July 2023 12:00am

Reflection of the lives of non-human and human animals.
Basia Mindewicz

30th June – Preview. Open to the public. All welcome
1st – 15th July

11:00am to 5:00pm Monday – Saturday
12:15pm to 4pm Sunday

Edinburgh Palette
St Margaret’s House
151 London Road
Gallery 2

About the exhibition
“In this exhibition, I want to create a world where humans and animals live together as equals and friends. Who learn from each other, support each other and respect each other. I chose to share this space between humans and non-human animals. In stillness and love for one another.” Basia

It is a dreamed world and a world of vision. And from vision, reality can be inspired. The work shown in this exhibition will come from a deep connection, and it will be rooted in Eastern iconography. You will see some traditional icons and contemporary icons. You will also see icons of animals and animals with humans.

Some techniques that I use are: egg tempera, wax tempera, and photography.

About the artist
Basia Mindewicz
Born in 1978 in Warsaw, she is an icon painter and contemporary artist. She was trained in Poland in the College dedicated to iconography and ancient techniques of egg tempera and gold gilding. For many years she has been mainly working in a very traditional style learning the language of an icon. When she came to Edinburgh, she started exploring other “languages”, searching for more personal and contemporary ways of depicting similar reality. Her development as an artist involves uncovering the truth about who we are as human beings and what we need to become whole. Icon painting as a spiritual practice grows in silence and stillness.
Recently Animals became an essential subject to Basia. She has been exploring our relationship with Animals and realised that we often treat them as inferior to us. She wants to inspire change and raise awareness by telling the stories of animals. Her icons of Animals are a celebration and honouring of Animals and their lives.