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Pretend You Can See Me

Friday 23 October - Friday 6 November
All Day

A series of paper collages exploring themes of femininity, ageing, rites of passage and sentimentality by Emily Margaret.

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A Sense of Magi

Friday 6 November - Friday 20 November
All Day

We are made from the stuff of stars,

From ancient times to present day, we still look to the stars above for guidance.

As above, is below. (Emerald Tablet, hermetic text.)

We would like to invite you on this visual journey, that brings the past to the present, through an exploratory time lapsed celestial narrative of todays re-emergence of ancient holistic classical teachings. Whilst, we are experiencing the same effects of bubonic plague (1350.) through a fusion of jewellery, talisman and art, we follow the light of rebirth bringing a new Renaissance period.

An online exhibition by Xanthe O’Connor, Marcin Krupa and Constantine Zeus.

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