Drawing on Drawing exhibition at ECA

‘Drawing on Drawing’ is a major exhibition of drawings which runs at ECA until 4th March 2016.

The exhibition will bring together works by current students in all years from across the School of Art, alongside drawings from staff and invited alumni, for whom drawing is a central part of their practice. This includes Edinburgh Palette resident artists past and present, such as Robyn Benson, Seamus Killick and Deirdre Macleod.

It will encompass drawing as both the point of departure and drawing as destination – from the initial manifestation of an idea through to the finalized realization of a response.

Including point of reference works, imaginative works, propositional works, the show will transcend a singular reading of drawing and instead seek to demonstrate and encourage discourse on drawings continued wide-ranging value and potency within contemporary art practice.

Another element of the exhibition will be graphic works from the University of Edinburgh’s Collections in art, architecture, natural history and music.

These historical works – alongside a multitude of works quite literally drawn from the here and now – will aim to show the timeless and ongoing relevance of drawing as a means of articulating how we understand and respond to circumstance and experience.  In short, what we ‘draw’ from ourselves and from the world.

The exhibition runs until Friday 4th March.

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