Yoga Now studio

Field of work: Physical/Mental wellbeing

St. Margaret’s House
Floor: 4   Studio: 4.27
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Yoga Now studio is a beautiful, fully equipped yoga studio offering a full timetable of classes and workshops for all levels.

Yoga Now is run by Lucy Brownhall who has been studying Iyengar yoga for 30 years and teaching since 2002. All the teachers at Yoga Now have completed rigorous teacher training programmes, so our students are in safe hands!

Iyengar classes are suitable for everyone as the poses can be adapted for those with physical restrictions or health issues. The studio has mats, blocks, bricks, belts, bolsters, chairs and wall ropes which are all used to assist students to achieve good alignment but also to challenge those with more experience. The focus of our practice is to find the correct alignment in the body, which allows more freedom of movement but also creates stillness and calm in the mind.

Class sizes are small to allow individual attention.
Yoga can help us feel better, in both body and mind, whether we work at a desk or are competitive athletes. It helps us to cope with the stresses of life and Yoga Now is the ideal place to start.

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