523 Glass Studio

Field of work: Jewellery, Sculpture/Glass/Ceramics

St. Margaret’s House
Floor: 5   Studio: 5.23
Phone: 07446858812
Web: www.facebook.com/523glassstudio

After working in academic science for more than 20 years I decided to try something new and exciting, in fact something I always wanted to do. I set up a studio for fused glass work and now I am having a lot of fun designing and making a variety of glass objects and, occasionally, glass jewellery. Glass is an amazing material, which interacts with light in many interesting ways and offers infinite possibilities to explore combinations of colors, transparency, shape and texture. Transforming individual pieces of glass into a defined object is a magical experience! My scientific background also comes useful when considering chemical reactions that occur between different kinds of glass and between glass and metals when they melt and blend with each other in the kiln.

I run glass workshops in my studio and at the Art and Craft Collective gallery. Please get in touch if you would like to try your hand at fused glass and make something beautiful.

My glass creations are largely inspired by nature and can be purchased from the Art and Craft Collective gallery https://www.artcraftcollective.co.uk/ or directly from my studio.

Contact: 523 Glass Studio

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