The LAb

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A 6 month all-access” pass providing access to affordable space, business planning and production planning supports. 

Creating and touring creative work can put a great deal of pressure on your budget, especially when your unable to secure outside funding. As arts funding becomes more scarce many artists will find it increasingly difficult to cover the cost of creating and sharing their work. 

                           R&D   >  Scratch ready > Pitch > Tour  (Graphic)


The main aim of The LAb is to make it easier for artists to move through the stages above. The aim is to support 30 artists per year by combining several supports into one low cost offering. 

Why an all-access” pass?
All-access refers to the bundle of low cost and free supports that artists can access once accepted into The LAb. They include:

  • 1 to 1 meeting with a coach to draft your LAb success plan. 
  • 1 R&D week in the space
  • Access to priority space bookings on a first come first serve basis 
  • Access to biweekly training sessions 
  • Support sharing and receiving feedback on your work through Scratch Factory
  • A pitching spot at Create Out Loud to secure a 4, 6 or 8 show run. 
  • A free hour of technical theatre planning 
  • A free business planning session
  • A free consultation with a producer

How much does it cost?
The access pass at £5 per month
The space hire fee at £5 per hour
The training at £5 per session

But why is there a fee at all?
The LAb is designed to be self-sustaining and operate with little to no outside funding. The fee structure is based on the minimum amount of income necessary to achieve this goal. 

Examples of how artists can use the LAb:

                                                             Artist A*                                        Artist B*                     
Access Pass                                           £30                                                £30
Coach                                                     Free                                              Free                                 
R&D Week                                             £175                                              £175                                     
Add’l Space Bookings                      20 hours £100                      10 hours £50   
Training Sessions                               All £180                               2 sessions £10
Scratch Performance                           Free                                           Opt-out
Create Out Loud                                   Free                                             Free
Consultations                                     Opt-out                                         Free

Total:                                                      £485                                            £265

*Please note that the free resources would cost around £2500. Also note that the space is able to accommodate technical rehearsals and performances with lighting and audio/visual. 

How will this pass support those interested in touring their work?
The LAb was designed with a particular end in mind the ability for artists to tour their work locally, nationally or internationally. This aim is built into each building block of the pass: R&D week, training & access to expertise, showcasing work. In addition to the R&D week in the space (35 hours), additional time has been set aside at a space hire rate of £5 per hour for participants of the LAb. Lastly, 4 LAb participants who successfully pitch at Create Out Loud will secure a 4, 6, or 8 show run in 2019. 


What topics will be covered by the training sessions? 

  • Find Your Voice as an Entrepreneurial Artist  
  • Creative Business Models
  • Designing a Creative Business
  • Creating with Client and Audiences
  • Marketing and Communications for Artists 
  • Making Work for International Markets
  • Technical Theatre 101
  • Creating an Equalities Strategy
  • Building Strategic Partnerships
  • Pitching Funding, Networking and more  
  • Financial Management for Artists
  • Working with a Creative Team
About the space?
G21 at St. Margaret’s House is a black box theatre with a 5.5m x 6m stage, 3 collapsable risers, rigging for lights, audio/visual equipment and a seating capacity of 30 pp. St. Margaret’s House is a also wheelchair accessible building. 

The theatre can accommodate a variety of activities including performances, rehearsals, storytelling, classes, workshops, trainings, filming, concerts, talks.

Who can apply?
Early to mid-career artists in theatre, music, dance with projects that require 4 or less performers. We highly encourage and welcome applications from artists who are from backgrounds or communities currently under-represented in the arts and culture sector in Scotland. We are also open to applications from artists and companies based in the UK generally.  If you are EU based and would like to apply please contact us here. 

What are the dates of the LAb?
The LAb will begin mid-January and end mid-July. Over this 6 month period, the space will host 14 R&D weeks, 12 trainings, 6 Scratch nights. An additional 400 hours will be set aside for use by LAb participants only. 

How to apply?
Follow the link to access The LAb 2018 application form.

Download a PDF version of the application
Download a WORD version of the application
If you download the application, you can submit it via email subject line: Your Name, The Lab Application to

Please note the application pwnloadrocess includes an interview this is an opportunity for us to ask questions about your project and to get to know more about your artistic aspirations and goals. Also, we aim to have 14 artists in our first cohort.

What’s the timeline for the application?
Application Period Opens   Friday, Dec 1
Application Period Closes Sunday, Dec 31
Notification of Interview* will begin starts Monday, Dec 11
Last Interview* ends Wednesday, January 3
Selection Decision Friday, January 5
Notification of Decision Monday, Jan 8
LAb Orientation Saturday, January 13

*Please note that interviews will be conducted via telephone or video conference

What is the selection criteria?
Our main aim with this first cohort is to bring together artists from diverse backgrounds who represent a large range of artistic practices and will explore different but complementary themes, ideas and issues. The selection panel will apply the following criteria:

  • Quality of application
  • Need for the range of supports provided
  • Proposed plan for R&D week in space
  • Whether proposed project will work in the space

Do you have a question?
Complete the contact form via this link and a member of our team will get back to you.