The big church on the corner is collecting ideas…

We are Willowbrae Parish Church, we’re investing in the local area, and we hope to create space in our church buildings for the wider community. We are engaging with the community by asking two questions: What do you think the community needs? and What are your hopes for the community?

Zoe Marshall, Community Development Worker at Willowbrae Parish Church is collecting opinions and ideas from a wide range of people who live in the area surrounding the church. When she started to ask local folk, people kept mentioning how positive Edinburgh Palette was. There was a suggestion that there may be people within St Margaret’s House who will know what will be missed locally when Edinburgh Palette moves. Maybe some of the creative people and service users may also have ideas to share about how to make tricky spaces work for the community and creatively, as it has been tried and tested in St Margaret’s House.

Zoe says – Willowbrae Parish Church buildings are already used in a variety of ways and by a variety of users from Sunday service to badminton on a Monday and Tuesday, but there are spaces that are under utilised and we have some funds to transform the building. We would like to see more activities running in our buildings that address needs in the community. We want to know what the community hope their local church can get involved in… Who could we partner with? Who might need affordable space locally? So were asking the questions. 

Do you have ideas? We need to collect them!

How to help: – To contribute to the community consultations you can fill in the online survey here. or contact Zoe Marshall,, who can provide you with postcard versions of the questionnaire. You can also sign up to our mailing list to receive updates on the building work and get invites to workshops and events to engage the community in the architectural designs and planning.

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