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UPMO Big 10! June 13th-24th – 10 Events in 10 Days!

10 events in 10 days. June 13 - June 24

 UPMO Big 10! June 13th-24th – 10 Events in 10 Days
celebrating 10 years of UPMO.

More events added, and more details released. See you at the Egg and Spoon race!

All locations are rooms at Edinburgh Palette, 151 London Road, Edinburgh, EH7 6AE unless otherwise stated. more

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Connect to Nature Course | April 2015

4th April – 2nd May 2015

Jaimie Macdonald, our building’s gracious queen of all green matters, has devised 4 weeks of coached creative adventures – delivered to you online but taken in nature. You will explore and deepen your connection to some of the green spaces near you, whilst having fun and being creative.


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Leith Lapidary Club | Workshops

Relatively new to the building, the Leith Lapidary Club are inviting us all to join them for their specialist enamelling, gemstones and silver-casting workshops that they will be running from early 2015.  Places are limited to contact as soon as possible if interested.LLC Workshops

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Photography course with Michael Wildman | For artists

This is an opportunity for all artists who struggle to photograph their own work to a reasonably professional  standard, kindly shared by Trina from the fifth floor.

Michael Wildman is a professional photographer who exhibits his work internationally, (he is also one of Studio 518’s models along with his partner, Carolina.)  He  is currently holding photography courses in St Margaret’s House.
An idea in progress….

While Trina was bending his ear about one of her current photography problems, they decided that there may be more of us who would like an hour of Michael’s time (£20.00 per hour).

He thinks an hour for basic information, lighting and camera, this would be using your own camera.

So far we have a diverse crowd , fabric designers, costume makers, oil painters, watercolourist, charcoal on paper artists, you get the idea.  All of us with our own particular problem to solve.  We would like to build the numbers up to a course size, anyone else interested?


The course would be held in Studio 5.18. Future dates and details to be worked on, but a show of emails would be the start.


Get in touch with either Trina (trinabohan@tyrie.net) or Michael (michaelwildman232@hotmail.com)

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Pilates Classes | Christmas block by popular demand

photo shoot for Moustique Design for Body Control Pilates“If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old; If it is completely flexible at 60, you are young”  Joseph Pilates


Suitable for those new to Pilates, pre and post natal, post injury and rehab clients. A gentle, thorough and precise introduction to the basic principles – alignment, breathing and core stability. Posture will be addressed and tight muscles released. Find your core and other muscles you didn’t know you had! more

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