Bursary Student Interview | Marissa Stoffer

Marissa's Margate X (detail), oil on canvas
Marissa’s Margate X (detail), oil on canvas

Continuing our series of interviews with the beneficiaries of this year’s Bursary Programme, Marissa Stoffer has kindly answered a few questions posed by the Arts Team. Like Seamus, who she now shares her studio with, Marissa recently graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art and is making the most of the space, which is theirs until June.



One hundred or One Damned Nations

Edinburgh College of Art

3rd – 14th February 2014

This promises to be a brave attack on the positioning of the arts establishment, with an intention of re-addressing class injustice in a time of austerity. Limited Means /Unlimited Expression.

An exhibition of work curated by Hugh Mooney (a recent arrival to Edinburgh) by artists who have created their works for either £1 or £100.