Community Projects

Ben tomato 22-05-2014 smallerCommonwealth Gardens Project

St Margaret’s House is in the process of turning part of our immediate landscape into a community garden, as part of the wider Commonwealth Games commitment to expanding community gardens within Scotland. The space will hopefully used by some of the in-house charities that use the building, for therapeutic purposes and by the residents as a place to rest in.

Community gardening has been shown to have a wide range of social, economic and environmental benefits. Over a four-year period, UpMo’s Green Seeds Community Garden Projects have provided placements for students with a variety of needs and requirements. This workshop is suited to students of all abilities. Participation in the hands-on session promotes confidence, knowledge of growing processes and healthy living options. Students also benefit from improved coordination, motor skills and evidence-based decision making.


International residency coverInternational Residency Programme

Edinburgh Palette has always saw the value in involving and connecting people from various backgrounds and cultures. This is reflected in its international office and arts teams and the diverse nationalities of the St Margaret’s House residents. In 2014, Edinburgh Palette was officially accredited as a sponsor of visas for individuals or organisations coming to work in the city.

From 2016, St Margaret’s House will welcome the first beneficiaries of its Internal Residency Programme. More details are available in the accompanying booklet. Click the cover image to download it.



Bursary studio pic smallerStudent Bursary Scheme

St Margaret’s House offers another three studio bursaries each year. These are designated for current or recently-graduated art students, matriculating in Edinburgh-based institutions or a wider area within Scotland. Running for three years, we have welcomed recent graduates from the Edinburgh College of Art and Gray’s School since this project began.

Those involved in the programme are always selected upon merit from within the prospective art institutes and are offered studio and exhibition space, alongside additional help, guidance and access to the other facilities at St Margaret’s House. It is our way of investing in the future of Scottish art, as well as diversifying our own artistic community. More details are available in the document on the right. Click the cover image to download it.


Gallery Guide cover smallGallery Residencies

The Gallery Residency Programme began in late 2014, with artist Jan Bee Brown and her Thrive Archive Project. Over three weeks, Gallery 1 became a space for exploration, curation, debate and performance. This was followed by Tim Vincent-Smith’s exploration of music, space and chance, Sound Shape.

Open to the public, the Gallery Residencies are works in progress that benefit the art community within Edinburgh Palette. The artist works within the gallery space, where the audience can appreciate how the works develop and meet the artist “at work”.

The end of each residency is marked by either an exhibition or a performance of the work-in-progress. The artists benefit from the time and space they are given during the residency, allowing them to explore their practice until its final stage of development, which involves the audience. Artists also have the time to reflect on their work and establish new connections with visiting and collaborating artists.