Green Team

We-are-Green-Arts-2015-Green smallerOur Green Champions

Our group of Green Champions came together in October 2010, with the original aim of establishing reuse and recycling facilities in St Margaret’s House.

We have evolved to have more of an educational and inspiration focus, aiming to work in collaboration with other motivated projects and people in the building.

We wish to add 3 main things to the life of St Margaret’s house:

  •  Being a part of a building that is “alive”. Building a sense of community and collaboration, through shared responsibility, goodwill and care.
  • Supporting the implementation of Edinburgh Palette/St. Margaret’s House Sustainability Policy and Creative Carbon Scotland ‘Green Arts Initiative’ membership through delivering events, educational workshops and exhibitions.
  • Building relationships and collaborations with other projects/motivated people in the building to strengthen our ability to be an advocate for a more environmentally sustainable behaviour in our future as artists and as an organisation.

We aim to do a number of things throughout 2015 to support this vision:

  •  Host 3 clothes swaps
  • Host 4 education workshops
  • Organise and curate – Re:see it exhibition 3– October- November 2015 with support from the St Margaret’s Art team.
  • Maintain and the promote the use of the Swap Shop as a valuable creative resource.
  • Recruit volunteers to allow the smooth running of the Swap Shop and the future evolution of our aims and actions.
  • Share relevant events, workshops, articles and points of interest with tenants through a regular newsletter
  • Foster relationships with individuals and organisations who share our passion for building a sustainable future

Our core champions are:

Jaimie MacDonald

Gareth Hutchison

Doreen Hall

Special mention to Sheila Masson

Our regular Swap Shop champions are:

Tania Czajka

Adele Gregory

New Champions we need your heads, hearts and hands! Please contact us on

If you are interested in becoming a Swap Shop Champion…

Tasks include:

  • Sorting and displaying quality donated items safely and appropriately
  • Storing/ Recycling/disposing of poor quality/unwanted donated items
  • Sweeping and mopping the Swap Shop floor as needed.
  • Communicating with the rest of the Champions on any updates or issues relating to the Swap Shop.
  • Communicating with tenants and visitors on items that are/are not accepted in the Swap Shop

We ask that you commit to around 1 hour per week to this position.

Events and Workshops

We are looking for people to run creative and thought-provoking workshops, events, talks, film screenings in the building to be included in our internal or external programme. These should aim to highlight broad issues of environmental sustainability. Possible topics could include, climate change, wildlife, landscapes, natural art, reduction and reuse of materials, nutrition, food politics, food waste, human behaviours affecting our environment, alternative economies, travel, imagining our new futures etc

Please contact us on to discuss possibilities.