Our Community

The Edinburgh Palette community grows from within, as new residents settle themselves in the buildings, new projects arise and need space to develop and expand. By providing low-cost studio space, Edinburgh Palette becomes a vital incubator for creative businesses and community projects. This is where Edinburgh Palette project is so interesting, as it defines itself whilst the building fills up addressing the needs of the community and grows organically from within.

Edinburgh Palette has developed an Arts Community Project to complement its business venture in the art world. Funded entirely by Edinburgh Palette, the project is designed to make sense of the individuals, collectives and organisations working in the various buildings managed by the charity.


By organising events, investing in exhibitions spaces, commissioning art work and developing a residency programme, Edinburgh Palette is aiming to :

  • showcase and offer curatorial support for emerging talent within the Edinburgh Palette Gallery spaces
  • enhance and nurture creativity through the development of national and international residencies and overseas opportunities
  • make sense – through a programme of events and exhibitions – of the amazing aspirations, projects and creation of the individuals and collectives in the buildings
  • create a platform of network and resources network by offering community spaces and tools for communication and marketing