People Know How

We are People Know How, a Scottish charitable organisation that works with people and
communities to provide innovative solutions to address social issues.

Our work is founded on consulting and listening to the people we aim to support. We work
alongside them to unlock their ideas, delivering projects that directly provide the tools,
support and services that they have identified a need for.

Our volunteers and interns come from Edinburgh, and all over the world, bringing a wealth
of knowledge to engage with local people and local issues. We are named ‘People Know
How’ because we believe that not simply one person, but ‘people’ – our volunteers, interns
and the people we aim to support – possess the knowledge, skills and experiences to
develop innovative ideas and support one another. In addition, we gather and consider
current research and evidence as part of designing projects.

We are committed to sharing our learning widely and proactively to empower others to
achieve positive social change toward a fairer Scotland for all. We work in collaboration and partnership across all of our projects to achieve maximum impact.

As one of Edinburgh Palette’s key partners, we strive to continue to serve social and
community groups, as part of a strong community located at the centre of the areas in
which we work.