Edinburgh School of Icon Painting

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Basia Mindewicz’s School was created to teach egg tempera and icon painting to people of all possible backgrounds. Our aim is to introduce the world of Orthodox iconography through the practice of the technique and learning the tradition. We also strive to bring together as many people as possible, from different countries and cultural backgrounds, and offer them time and space for dialogue through the unique art of icon.

Introducing egg tempera technique and preserving its tradition is also our aim. Students can chose to work on non-religious images while exploring this technique.

They offer a regular spread of workshops and one-off masterclasses all-year round.


Edinburgh School of Icon painting is a friendly, welcoming haven of calm in which to learn a truly unique and historical art form.  Every student is made to feel welcome regardless of religious/spiritual backgrounds.  Basia tailors tutoring to each individual from beginning traditional icon painting to developing contemporary pieces. Not many other art courses or schools have allowed me to develop my skills so quickly and provided me with the confidence to progress.  I’m glad I discovered Edinburgh School of Icon painting – the only qualified traditional icon painting tuition in the Scotland.” Anne-Marie Martin