Gallery Spaces

St Margaret's 2017 Galleries_Info_Pack

Through the use of its large scale gallery spaces, Edinburgh Palette encourages creation, helping resident and artists showcase their creations and expand their network. Making the galleries affordable is a deliberate strategy to encourage young and older artists, beginners or professionals, collectives or single artists to experience the trepidations of a first show, the challenges of curating, or to test larger scale works and performances.

There are three galleries, ranging from an intimate, cube-like space to a large space perfect for large-scale solo or group shows and events. Alongside the spaces, we offer short-term storage facilities for those exhibiting as well as the selection of plinths and audio-visual equipment for artists to loan for use during their exhibition.

St Margaret’s House has a whole floor dedicated to exhibiting art, making it easy to accommodate most exhibitions and budgets.

Gallery 1 is our largest space and houses an ample storage facility, taking up almost an entire wing of our building. It also houses  a designated projection room, should your exhibit need a multi-media function.

Gallery 2 is our second largest exhibition venue and has beautiful views that overlook the Forth of Firth.  This space is also ideally suited for those wishing to run events or open evenings, as Gallery 2 is closer to the kitchen facilities and leads on from the Library, which can be used as a staging area.

Gallery 3 is our smallest space and offers a more intimate space for smaller scale artistic pursuits and is ideally designed for small group shows and first time-exhibitors.  Housed off the Library and opposite Gallery 2, it is also perfect for experienced exhibitors wishing to show a small selection of new work.

For more information about the Galleries please download the St Margaret’s Guide to Galleries here or by clicking the cover image above. You can also download the Gallery Floor Plans here.

All enquiries can be sent to Sophia Burns –