Sam’s day at the Palette

Sam visits Edinburgh PaletteSam has been doing work experience with our friends at the Ripple Project and yesterday he spent a day here at the Palette to see what we get up to and help out around the office. This is what he had to say about his day at Edinburgh Palette:

I have thoroughly enjoyed my day at Edinburgh Palette. It is truly inspiring to see and experience a space where art and creativity are both allowed to flourish and made accessible to all. To be in a place so eclectic, artistically vibrant and forward thinking is really exciting.

I loved the current exhibitions in the gallery: ‘A Closer Overlook’; ‘Éire Intransition’; and ‘Horrible Horse and Face, the Face’ – all of which are striking as both modern and individual in their approach to presenting ideas. ‘Éire Intransition’ interested me particularly for its apparent dedication to telling the story of conflict through rich and bold textile and photography pieces, connecting the conflict in Israel and Palestine to that in Ireland and portraying the importance and symbolism of territory extremely effectively.

It was also great to see a display of the thoughts and ideas of local people about their community – both things that are good about it and things which should be changed. This gave me a sense of how projects such as this value a democratic and inclusive attitude towards art.

Overall, it really feels like a place that is deeply important and valuable to the community as well as the art world as a whole – and one which shows a genuine belief in the idea of art being something that should be for everyone. There should be more places like Edinburgh Palette.

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