Residents My Account Directory FAQs

What is the Residents’ Directory?

This is a section of the website where visitors are able to search for residents, or to look up artists and businesses in this community. Each profile has short description, images, links to a website and social media and an optional contact form.
It can be useful to help publicise your work and to help visitors find you.

How do I get my profile on?

As a resident, you have an account. And this account allows you to edit your profile. You just need to activate this account reseting your password here. If you don’t receive an email when reseting your password, it might be because we have incomplete contact details for you. In which case please get in touch with Carly with your name and studio number, to check you’re on the system.

Where do I log in to the Residents’ Directory?

See at the very top of this website, there is a Resident login link.

What if I am sharing a studio?

Residents sharing or sub-letting studios can create separate profiles too. Please message Carly with your name and studio number.

I don’t like computer stuff but I would love to be visible as part of this community. Could I get help from someone?

Yes you can get some help, please contact Carly for assistance.

Alternatively, we are really pleased to have People Know How as part of our community. They offer a digital support service called Reconnect – read about it here:

I don’t want my details to be listed in the Residents’ Directory. What do I do?

Nothing. Don’t edit your details and we will make sure you stay ex-directory.
There is a ‘Publish my Directory’ checkbox when you edit your directory profile, only when this has been checked will we publish your profile.

I’ve lost my password. Help!

To reset your password click here »
Enter your username or your email address and click Get New Password.
An email will be sent to your registered email address.

If you cannot remember your username or email address, then please contact Carly, and she will reset this for you.

How do I change my password?

After you have logged in, click on the My Account link at the top of the website. Click the Your Settings link.
Enter your current password and your new password and click Update.

How do I change the name of my page in the Residents’ Directory?

Log in to your directory page. Click Edit Directory Profile.
Change your Display Name.

Why is the “Edit my Directory Profile” page blank?

There has been an error in the set up. Please contact Carly and she will fix this as soon as possible.

How do I add my images – are there any requirements?

The size of your images will automatically be reduced when you upload them.
Your images will look better if they have no white border and no text (if possible).

See the Help page for more information.

Why is my Forum profile different from my Directory profile?

Your forum profile is only visible to fellow residents. Whereas your Residents’ Directory profile is visible to the public so you might want these to say different things.

Forum Rules – Please read before you post

Anyone misusing or abusing the forum will be completely removed from both the Residents Directory and forum of Edinburgh Palette.

Adult content

Please don’t upload anything that may offend other forum users.


Please refrain from plugging your products and hijacking other threads.
Stick to the topic in hand. Rather contribute.


Do not respond to anyone who is being rude or abusive.
Report it to the moderator.

Creating a post

Check you are uploading to the correct category.
Review the existing threads, don’t double post.

Check and re-read before posting:

  • Is it clear?
  • Is it offering anything new or significant?
  • Is it ok if this is permanently public to tenants?
  • Is it all correct regarding spelling, grammar and tone?

Topic headings

should aid other forum users.
For example the title ‘ A question’ is not very informative.
Something like ‘Workshop Access to 525 at weekend?’ would be more helpful.

Security and Privacy

Don’t post personal details.


If you don’t get a response please don’t bump/post again to stay on top of the list.