NEW TERM of Iyengar Yoga classes

Yoga Now Studio - Iyengar Yoga classA NEW TERM of Iyengar Yoga classes starts at Yoga Now studio on Monday 9th January.

Now is a great time to start – we have yoga classes to suit everybody!

IYENGAR YOGA is a complete system of yoga – we do everything, beginning with alignment in the standing poses, through a variety of sequences, seated postures, twists, inversions, backbends to long holds in supported (comfortable) restorative asanas, relaxation and pranayama (breath work). We have a very thorough teacher training system which enables us to give individual support to students, adapting poses so that everyone can do them, even the very stiff or infirm! Students progress at their own pace so that everyone is challenged but nobody runs ahead of what their body can cope with.

YOGA NOW studio is on the 4th floor of Edinburgh Palette. We have all the equipment you need, including mats, so you just have to bring yourself. The studio is spacious and a lovely place to practice.

Classes cost £8 when you book a block. See the full timetable at
“Regular practice [of yoga] builds up the body’s inner strength and natural resistance, helps to alleviate pain and tackles the root, rather than the symptoms, of the problem.” B.K.S Iyengar
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