News Meadowbank Music Therapy Services

Meadowbank Music Therapy sessionsSessions available on an individual or group basis (Mondays to Fridays).

Suitable for people of all ages, needs and abilities.

Facilitated by Dr James Robertson (HCPC Registered Music Therapist).


Music therapy offers opportunities to engage in musical experiences tailored to individual needs and abilities. At the heart of this is the acknowledgement of a therapeutic relationship which is based on trust, respect and confidentiality. It is not necessary to be able to play an instrument or to read music. Therapy can assist with aspects of communication, expression, interaction and mobility. Sessions might comprise improvising on percussion instruments, songwriting, singing, listening to music and, where appropriate, the development of skills.


Location in building: Room 2.01

Price: Contact for further information


Phone: 0131 553 7239 or 07711 307418