Would you like to see you artwork in a film?

I am currently working on a low budget feature film and require the following.
  •  Paintings with a 1960’s feel in terms of style and colour – flat colour figures that have an almost pop art retro feel.
  •  Art Deco
  •  Paintings tonally similar to the work of Paul Ranson.
  •  Sculputres/ paintings with themes of death and rebirth
  •  Nudes
  •  Mild erotica with a retro vibe.
  •  Any works relating to the human eye.
All artwork loaned would be returned on the 1st of April. In return for help, artists will receive a mention in the credits of the film along with links to their work.
Any work given would be picked up asap. End of the day Saturday is the deadline.
Interested? Contact Eve on 07919952377


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