Let the Interns Play

poster exhibition-01-01Mario and Helena are two interns who came to St Margaret’s House three months ago. They have been working on several projects during this time. From Friday 26th of May they are going to show some of that work in different locations of the building for 3 days and on Saturday from 5pm come and enjoy the launch of their big project, St. Margaret’s House new interactive fanzine.


If you ask somebody to visualise in their head an intern, probably an image of a student scampering around their co-workers nodding to everything they see and taking notes will pop up. Well, that’s completely wrong.

An intern can contribute with new ideas and refreshing opinions to the working space. Is a full potential ready to try new things, fail, learn and succeed.

This exhibition’s aim is to show two interns’ work during three months and prove that theory.

Let the interns think! Let them play!

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