Identity: a collaborative, cross-arts, experiential exploration

August 2018

“In the social jungle of human existence, there is no feeling of being alive without a sense of identity.”
Erik Erikson

Charioteer Theatre, in collaboration with St. Margaret’s House – Edinburgh Art, is
bringing together international artists from different backgrounds and cultural heritages who
have faced or are facing questions regarding identity, or who struggle or have
struggled to find or affirm their own identity as human beings and members of
today’s society.
The artists will work collaboratively and develop the theme of Identity from their various and different perspectives.
We would like the space to become a place to explore and create new synergies between artists from contrasting backgrounds.

Visiting Hours & Events
Visitors are welcome to visit Gallery 2 when the doors are open from the 25th – 30th July.
Pop in for a look and a chat!

Any public events or sharings will be announced on the Edinburgh Palette website & social media as the residency develops.

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