Help needed for our Swap Days

We need help with our monthly Swap Days for the rest of 2018. Without volunteers we can’t open the beloved Swap Shop.

Please indicate any of the days/times that you feel you would be available to help keep the Swap Shop open, safe and manageable for the benefit of everyone who loves it.


I  have been thinking to have the space open between 2- 7pm as core hours, giving tenants afternoon and evening options, but this could start earlier and finish later as your availability allows. (I have given time options between 12 and 8pm in the poll)

I think it would be good to have 3 or 4 people wo/manning the space during the day, each doing around 2 hours each with some overlaps.

I would also like to get a sense if there is anyone who would like to get involved in promoting reuse/upcycling by running a simple drop-in workshops in the Swap Shop during the Swap Days? Please email me or leave a comment in doodle poll.

We can await feedback on whether people would prefer to have a morning opening time sometimes and re-arrange accordingly.


We may also need someone with a car to help clear out items after the Swap Day, so if this is something you are able to do please let me know via email on in doodle poll comments.


In the meantime, we have set up the Meadowbank Share facebook page. @wesharemeadowbank  which is a community board that facilitates sharing and swapping  of resources, tools, and skills.

As well as the various charity shops that will make collections and take donations. Always better to check with them on any furniture or electrical items beforehand.

You might also want to refer to:

Too Good to Waste Guide from Changeworks

Borders Scrapstore- Musselburgh

Edinburgh Scrapstore

As always, ask your studio neighbours if they need what you have, either in person or via the weekly community newsletter. Send some words and a picture to Johanna at (

Thank you all so much for your continued support and if you know anyone one else in the building who might like to volunteer with us please pass on this doodle poll.

Jaimie MacDonald and the Green Team

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