Workshops Kids & Families Vox Stars Edinburgh Fringe Kids Singing & Performance Group

Vox Stars Edinburgh Fringe Kids Singing & Performance Group
Saturday 20 August 2022 2:00pm - 3:45pm
St Margaret's House
Teacher: Lainey Vox
Suitable for: Kids aged 7+ Reading ability required for lyrics & instruction/ Dance movements included in sessions. Regular attendance of group rehearsals is required to take part in Show. Availability from 6.30pm -8.15pm evenings of show is compulsory (12th -20th August [excluding Sunday 14th])
Price: £6
Location: Vox Stars G30&31

Sign up for the experience of a lifetime: Join Vox Stars Kids Edinburgh Fringe Singing & Performance Group, for super singing & performance movement & the opportunity to perform at the world largest arts festival! This group will help you build performance experience, enhance team building skills, improve singing skills, learn performance movement all whilst meeting new people, explore fabulous popular music & have lots of fun! Workshops shall start on Saturdays from March 5th at Vox Stars based on the Ground Floor Edinburgh Palette G30&31. Vox Stars shall be bringing an awesome 8-night Edinburgh Fringe run in August 2022 based on the wonderful music of pop/rock/MT icons including: music from across the eras, ABBA, Disney, movie music & more! Each night of the Fringe is a different show with different songs all under the theme of Star Inspirations (songs of iconic artists, movies etc). 🎤

To find out about our Adults group (16+) check out Vox Stars Edinburgh Fringe Kids Singing & Performance Group

Contact us now to Sign up /find out more about our fun & fabulous groups. Call/text- 07851 749923

Location details

Ground Floor
St. Margaret’s House, 151 London Road
Edinburgh EH7 6AE

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