Exhibitions The Doors that Open

The Doors that Open
Monday 29 January - Sunday 18 February 2018 11:00am - 5:00pm
St Margaret's House

Special Event: 17th February

At “The Doors that Open” Creative Residency I will go deeper into the exploration and expression of creativity and I would like you to join me!

If you have always wondered what a Creative Process looks like and how it feels, then I invite you to come along in this experience and explore further that curiosity which you have deep inside. Let me hold the space for you.

These are the ways you get involved too.

Become a member of our Private Facebook Group

In it I will be sharing the raw creative process with you;
  • the struggles
  • the energy shifts
  • how I find inspiration
  • how I experience a creative and personal crisis
  • the flow of creation time
  • the development of the ‘ work’
  • organising the last day event
  • receiving and welcoming others into our creative space
  • I will be doing Live Streams
  • Creative Talks discussing how you can take my process and my discoveries into your life and business.

Get in touch for more information!

Invest in my art before it’s made!

You can choose between a performance/dance, painting, an installation or a contemporary object.

I will create up to 5 pieces of art, an installation and a performance that will take place throughout the Galleries 1, 2 & 3 at St. Margaret’s House.

You can purchase one or all of them NOW and I give you an opportunity to take part in this Creative Process completely.

  • You can choose between dance/performance, painting or an installation.

  • Receive a recording of my Creative Process.

  • A personal video in which I explain to you directly what Your piece means.

  • Depending on the level of your investment, you can choose the materials I use! ;D. For this, we will have a chat beforehand in which we will talk either online or face-to-face.

Get in touch for more information!

Join the Creative Private Parties.

You can join us either online or physically at the space.

I will lead some exercises and we will have fun together.

Maybe some dance, maybe some funky moves or fun walks… – Come and discover and let’s have fun together.

They will be tailored depending who joins and, you must register and fill out a form to take part.

They are perfect to keep the creative juices alive and to avoid burn-outs.

Get in touch for more information!

Creativity Mentorship Group Sessions –

If you are an entrepreneur, business owner or artist and feel stuck in ways how to move forward and make your Creativity part of your life instead of feeling scattered, these sessions will be perfect for you!

Get your questions answered, hear the struggles of others, get advice on how to move forward.

Get in touch for more information!

2 1/2 day Workshop 

I am facilitating a two and a half day workshop. There will be some clowning, improv and exploratory exercises and lots of breathing technique.
After working with Jon del Vas for over 6 years, I am going to start incorporating in my work some of the breathing technique I have learned with him.

Thursday 5pm – 9pm

Friday 10am – 6pm

Saturday 12:30 pm – performance time

Get in touch for more information!

Donate towards my Creative Residency

You don’t feel like getting involved on any of the options below but want to contribute towards my work?

Please DO! – I  will go deeper in the exploration and expression of creativity knowing that you are there to support me and that I can  share the creative process and exploration with YOU.

Knowing that You have my back and I don’t need to worry about paying my bills will allow me to GIVE YOU MORE!


(I am open to receive your support and appreciation)

Come to the Final Showing

On 17th Feb – Be prepare to be surprised!

                  Sáras Feijóo

Creative Mentor + Theatre Maker
Multidisciplinary Artist + Curator

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Location details

St. Margaret’s House – Third Floor
St. Margaret’s House, 151 London Road
Edinburgh EH7 6AE

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